10 lipsticks for college/school/office going girls – Affordable and Best Quality!!


When we go to school we used to apply lip gloss or any lip tint that gives a natural look and a little bit of color as well. In College or Office, we want a good range of lipsticks with different colors but, the thing that matters is the price of the lipsticks starting from Rs. 300 to no end. Sometimes, we find another option, to buy lipsticks from the local store that are super cheap but the quality is very low. Never buy any local brand lipsticks, it can harm your lips. It can fade the natural moisture and color of the lips. Let’s discuss the lipsticks that are super good in the application and affordable as well – 10 lipsticks for college/school/office going girls – Affordable and Best Quality!! 10 lipsticks for college/school/office going girls – Affordable and Best Quality!!

Here are some options that you must try –

  • Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color  Wet n Wild is a cosmetic range with affordable prices and many options too(like quality, quantity, etc.). This lipstick costs Rs. 295 but in Sale, it has 50% off and it costs for Rs. 148 only. This much amount only for a creamy lipstick is insane. This is long wearing lip-color with a little bit of matte look.
  • Love Fashion Matte Lipstick – Set of 12  This is something that sounds very weird and cheap too. 12 lipsticks for Rs. 220, is like a scam!! But, according to the price, lipsticks are quite good. These are mini lipsticks and have very bold colors like blood red, hot pink, orange, and many more. If you’re a person who loves nude shades more then don’t go for it. But for occasions, if you want some dark lip shades then this is perfect, according to the color and the price as well.
  • Nykaa So Creme! Creamy Matte Lipstick – Nykaa has launched a new range of lipsticks. It has 18 shades. Having a branded lipstick in just Rs. 300 is a good deal. Its application is amazing, in a single stroke it gives a sensational look to your lips. It has every shade according to the mood, like for day out, office, college, date night, festival, or any occasion. It is a must-buy product from Nykaa, you should love.
  •  Blue Heaven Splash Super Matte Lipstick –  Blue Heaven is one of the cheapest makeup brands. It has a lot of products which are good for beginners and are quite affordable. This lipstick costs Rs. 175 and in the sale, you can easily but this in Rs. 150 or less. It has 12 exciting radiant shades which include both nude and dark ones. It is highly pigmented lipstick. Under Rs. 200, it’s not bad at all.
  • Blue Heaven Elegance Matte Lip Color –  It is a liquid lipstick with a matte look. Liquid lipsticks are very easy to apply and last for a longer period. This lipstick has a kind of watery base. You’ve to apply at least 2 strokes to get a good color. Its price is super cheap, costs for Rs. 105 only. Also, you can apply it as a top coat of your lipstick. It will work better and gives a good result after applying.
  • Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lip Color – Elle 18 is every teenager’s love. It has many shades that you can apply to college/ school as well. It has very fun and vibrant shades. Its texture is very moisturized and gives a good look in a single stroke of application. A must buy lipstick for every girl. A good amount of lip color and great texture in just Rs. 100 is something you should crave for!
  • Elle 18 Go Matte Lip Crayons – Lipsticks are so old! Lip crayons have something that you should use to give a proper shape first and then apply as a lipstick. It helps in defining your lips and gives a good texture with highly pigmented shade. Sketch your lips and make them your canvas by using this lip crayon.
  • Nykaa So Matte! Mini Lipstick – Branded lipsticks are so expensive, but if you want to try some then here’s the best product, Mini lipsticks by Nykaa. It has many shades like nudes, corals, browns, pinks, reds. These lipsticks are rich in moisture as it has Vitamin E and it gives a creamy smooth texture to your lips. For Rs. 199, it’s a great deal having a branded lipstick! Go, girls, get yours!!
  • Nykaa Serial Kisser Lip Balm –  With many lip colors, it is important to hydrate your lips. You can normally use coconut oil, Vitamin E capsule, or vaseline as well. But if you want something that gives a little tint to your lips and moisturizes properly, then this lip balm is perfect. The name is sufficient to describe this product. It has different shades based on flavors like green apple, pina-colada, grape and many more. It costs Rs. 149 but on sale, it is like for Rs. 100 or 112, which is good for the tinted lip balm.
  • Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick –  This brand has a lot of options in every makeup product. Also for the affordable range, they’ve launched a range of lipstick in Rs. 239. It’s not under 200 but for this brand, this price is super cheap. Talking about the choices, you can’t decide a single lip shade, it has 35 shades which is crazy. The texture is outstanding, highly pigmented, matte colors, and long-lasting lipstick. You can select the shade according to your skin tone, as there are many options.

So, it’s all about the affordable lipsticks, I will prefer two brands if you want a highly pigmented lipstick and want something that will remain long – Nykaa and Maybelline. The other lips hades are also good, but some of them are not long-lasting. Just try them, you will love these lipsticks.


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