9 Habits That Everyone Should Adopt to Keep Hair Healthy


Healthy, thick, and strong hair is the dream of every man and woman in this world. However, to maintain healthy hair, a good brand of shampoo is not just enough. A consistent haircare routine ensures that your hair will remain nourished, frizz-free, and bouncy.

Factors like nutrition, environment and pollution affect the condition of hair. In addition, a genetic factor also significantly impacts hair conditions.Therefore, the person who wants healthy and glories hair needs to inculcate certain habits in their daily routine. Following these habits consistently over time will undoubtedly result in longer, shinier, and healthier hair.

Always Detangle Your Hair Before Shower

Detangling hair strands for 60 seconds pre-shower helps to keep them strong. However, you should not detangle hair just after the shower because hair is in its weakest state when wet. So, when you combine wet, they are more prone to damage and hair fall.

Brushing dry hair also helps evenly distribute the scalp’s natural oils to all directions of hair. Another benefit of detangling hair pre-shower is that it is very smooth and ready to style post-shower.

Conditioning Correctly and With Care

It does not matter whether you have oily or dry hair; a drop of conditioner would be enough for all hair textures. First, apply the conditioner to the mid portion of the hair and then move to the ends of the hair. At last, apply it to the scalp because hydration of the scalp is very much crucial for healthy hair.

Leave the condition in the hair for about one or two minutes, then rinse it with normal water.If you regularly use dry shampoo, you are always advised to use the conditioner, as dry shampoo makes the scalp very much dry.

Always Apply Hair Masks

To keep hair smooth and glossy, always use a hair mask or a deep conditioner once a week before the shower. If you frequently use heat styling tools on hair, you must apply deep nourishing masks. Applying a hair mask is a crucial pre-shower step as it leaves hair super soft and shiny post the shower.

Be Aware Of The Key Ingredients

Starting a haircare routine can be confusing as there areendless haircare products to choose from. So, to pick the right products, try to add more strengthening ingredients which will provide more nourishment to hair. For example, incorporating strengthening oils like coconut oil, argon oil, or mustard oil in your regimen will provide the proper nourishment and hydration to hair.

Take Balanced Diet

Probably you have heard this famous saying “you are what you eat.” Hair is mainly composed of protein, so it is crucial to eat a protein-rich diet. Eating a balanced protein-rich diet will provide all the required nutrients to the hair, which will help it grow long and stay healthy. So, to consume the right amount of protein, include these things in your diet:

  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Beans
  • Berries
  • Avocados
  • Spinach

Practice Breathing Exercise

Spare 5 to 6 minutes from your hectic schedule and practice breathing exercises regularly. In this exercise, breathe in through the nose and then breathe out through the mouth. This 5 to 6 minutes breathing exercise will make a big difference in hair. Hair is an outgrowth of the body, so if you remain stressed, your hair will also be stressed. So, always keep your mind calm and stress-free.

Lower the Temperature of the Shower

Showering your hair with super-hot water can irritate the scalp and weakens the hair from its roots. Hot water makes the scalp itchy and hence causes dandruff in the hair. Dandruff is a hair problem that leads to immense hair fall. Firstly, shampoo your hair with cold water to seal cuticles and boost the gloss and shine. Then, at last, rinse hair with normal warm water.

Protect Hair From the Sun

Sun’s Ultra Violet rays not only damage the skin, but it also causes a lot of damage to hair strands. Not only the sun’s rays but also environmental pollution causes damage to the hair. So, you can use sun cream to guard your hair against all environmental factors. Always choose that sun’s cream, which is rich in antioxidants.

Start Using Silk Cushions for Sleeping

Beauty sleep is very much crucial for skin and hair. Swap out cotton pillow covers with a satin silk cover to have a good beauty sleep. Silk helps to guard the cuticles of hair by decreasing the amount of friction between the fabric and your hair.

If you have long hair, there’s another secret tip to reduce hair fall and strengthen your hair strands. Tie your hair loosely with a silk scrunchie or if you have thick hair, then make a loose braid to increase the blood circulation in the strands.


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