A date with L’oreal Absolut Repair Range – Magic oil for frizzy and damaged hairs!

L'oreal Absolute Repair Range

I love trying new skincare, haircare products, as I am totally obsessed with skincare. But, finding a right product made me repurchase again n again. Same happened with this brand, I’ve been using L’oreal products for years and the best part is I got my dupes from this brand. I do have many products that I already restocked from L’oreal. Today, I wanna talk about the haircare range that I am using recently from L’oreal and I just wanna take a pause here……… I don’t know how this miracle happened that my happy hairs phase is back and all credits to this magic haircare range.

Overview –

L’oreal Absolut Repair Range has it’s  own power to nourish your hairs completely, it helps in locking the moisture for a long time. It provides a strength to the hairs and the best part is I saw the result in my first wash only. Talking about the products, it has three products –

  • L’oreal Absolut Repair Shampoo
  • L’oreal Absolut Repair Hair Mask
  • L’oreal Absolut 10-in-1 Multipurpose Hair Oil

Now, before talking about all these products, I want to mention one thing here. L’oreal has all type of haircare range like if you’ve hairfall, frizzy hairs, weak hairs, coloured hairs, like every possible type. I am using this absolut repair range to give some strength to my hairs, to reduce the breakage problem, to make my hairs super healthy. So, you guys can check out your hair texture first and then decide which variant you wanna buy.

Let’s just start with the brief overview of this range –

L’oreal Absolut Repair Range has protein and gold quinoa which helps in providing the strength to the hairs and to resurface the hairs instantly. It has 13x resistance to damaged hair. It gives the deep nourishment to the hairs and protect from breakage, weakening of hairs and many hair problems. This range is specially made for thin hairs that doesn’t have any strength left to keep the hairs strong from roots. I personally have the breakage problem and due to no protein left in my hairs, my hairs started breaking from lengths. But, thanks to L’oreal Absolut Repair Range that I can flaunt my healthy hairs again.

Application process –

Before starting with the hair wash process, I always detangle my hairs first. Now this is quite important, to keep your hairs in a good condition. After detangling the hairs, I start with the L’oreal Absolut Repair Shampoo and most importantly I always dilute my shampoo before applying. It’s a pro tip for you guys, make sure that you’re not applying the shampoo directly to your hairs. First take a mug and dilute it with water. After lathering up, try to massage the scalp so firmly so that it won’t harm the hair roots and all the dirt and dust can remove easily. Rinse off with water and remove all the shampoo from your hairs.

Now, pat dry the hairs and take the L’oreal Absolut Repair Hair Mask  for the application. I usually use this mask after shampoo, because it has the conditioning formula that keeps my hair so healthy and voluminous at the same time. Apply this mask on the lengths completely, and keep it for next 20-25 minutes. After 20-25 minutes of the application, rinse off with water and you will feel the creamy texture of the hairs. My hairs become so soft and smooth at the same time after wash and I love the way my hairs turned out after using these two products.

After all the application of shampoo and hair mask, I dry my hairs with the microfiber hair towel  and it does work very well. After leaving my hairs for sometime, I use my magic or I can say Miracle oil, L’oreal Absolut 10-in-1 multipurpose hair oil and it does work like a magic guys. Trust me, this product has changed the game completely. It protects the hair from dust particles, it protects from breaking the hairs from length and it solved many hair problems at the same time. I personally love this product so much and I can see the benefits of this product completely from the starting.

I really love this range of L’oreal and these products made my hairs so good and healthy. I will keep using this range for sure. Also, if you’ve coloured hairs, you have some other hair problems you can check the other haircare range as well.

Tips for Healthy Hairs –

  • Always detangle your hairs before washing them.
  • Dilute the shampoo with water first(Avoid using shampoo directly).
  • Use micro fiber towel or any cotton t-shirt(Don’t use harsh towel or any electrical appliances for drying your hairs).
  • Don’t style your hairs without using heat protecting spray/mist (direct use of heat can harm your hairs).
  • Protect your healthy hairs from direct sun or dirt/dust.
  • Eat your greens and hydrate your body(Mantra for healthy hairs and glowing skin).

So, that’s all about this blog. I hope you all found this blog so informative and helpful for your hairs. I’ve already link all the products above in the blog, you can purchase them and trust me you will not regret after the first use only. If you wanna see the video for the same you can visit my youtube channel also. I post the videos there.

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