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Hey everyone!! Hope you all are doing great at home. Today I will discuss the famous Indian brand Mamaearth, yes the brand having the best skincare and haircareproducts, also baby products with minimum additional chemicals. As we all know about the different hair types, this brand helps to treat the damaged hairs accordingly. Here in this blog, let’s start with the different products from Mamaearth – 

Mamaearth Onion range products –


Onion is very rich in SulphurPotassium, and antioxidants which helps in reducing the hair fall for sure. This range of onion products consists of Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask, Serum, and Oil. It helps in strengthening the hairs, reduces the hair fall, and gives a smooth texture to your hairs. Talking about the hair oil, it includes almond oil, bhringraj oil, onion seed oil, and many more ingredients. It helps in treating your hairs from the root and regrow the lost hairs. Oil your scalp twice a week for better results. After oiling your scalp, wash them properly. Onion shampoo will help you in reducing the hair fall and remove all the dirt from your scalp. Conditioning your hair gives a shiny and smooth touch. Take 2-3 pumps of conditioner, apply it to the length of your hairs. Hair serums work like a long-lasting shiner and help in maintaining the volume of hairs. If you are facing some problems regarding, hair fall, no hair growth, then you must try this range of Mamaearth. It will surely help you out.

Mamaearth Tea Tree range products –

Tea Tree oil helps in treating the bacteriafungal infection that causes dandruff in the scalp. It is a highly recommended product for a clear scalp(dandruff free). This range contains, tea tree oil, lemon oil, almond oil, vitamin-E, and many more essential things. If you are facing a lot of dandruff issues, then this kit is perfect for you. Take at least one bottle challenge and trust me, you will see massive change. Some extra points that I wanna share are, don’t rub your scalp harshly, don’t leave your scalp too much oily, try to cover your head whenever you go out, it will protect from the dirt and dust. Use, hair mask, shampoo, and conditioner for better results.

Mamaearth Party Ready Hair Kit –

You wanna go out for the party and your hairs look freezy, dull, no volume, no shine, so lemme introduce you guys a perfect hair kit, for the perfect hairs. This hair kit includes three products, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask. These products contain Biotin (good for nails and hair), Vitamin E, almond oil, bhringraj, etc. These ingredients provide strength to the hairs, helps in regrowth, and nourishes properly.

That’s all about the Mamaearth’s Hair care range. You should try the products for sure but according to your hair type. These products are toxin-free, chemical free. Till then, Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!


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