A Guide to Lockdown 2021(COVID) – Must Read!!


Hey, my lovely people, I hope you all are doing well and you should be. It’s been a very long time that we didn’t talk about something. So, here let’s start with this important concern right now, COVID. Yes, I know and we all know the critical situation that is going on right now. Even this year, it is getting worse. But, this is not the time to panic yourself, be calm, and relax yourself and your family, friends, loved ones. Just be at your home with your family and take all the precautions. Daily newsletters are very scary nowadays, but all we can do is protect ourselves from this condition. We don’t know from where we actually get infected, so be safe and sanitize every product before taking that at home. COVID is everywhere, and we need to be very careful. The two primary things should be MASK and SANITIZER. That’s all about the overview of the condition right now, will discuss many more things further. Don’t forget to read this till the end!

covid measures

How to deal with this pandemic –

The very first thing to keep in your mind is, Don’t Panic! It will disturb your mind and you will feel very low. So, stop thinking about the negative side of this pandemic, just try to think of whatever you can do at this time. We all are at the same stage right now. To deal with this condition, the very first thing you’ve to do is, be there with your family as you are living earlier. There is nothing to change in your schedule. Dealing with this situation is not about being productive at home. Just give yourself a good time. Take proper sleep, eat healthy, study well, do your work on time, attend your meetings, or anything you want to do. Don’t bound yourself in any kind of conditions. Dealing with this situation is also a very big thing, just thank to God and thank yourself that you are safe in this critical situation. This is not easy to survive in this pandemic.

Some points you should take very serious –

  • Take your proper diet, sleep and some precautions to be taken while moving out.
  • If you feel like you’ve mild cold or fever, don’t panic just be at home take medicines and some vitamins as well. Don’t rush for the hospital as we all know there you will get infected for sure.
  • If you’ve proper symptoms of COVID, then the important thing that you should do is Steaming. It will help you in every way at that time. Self – isolate yourself so that the family can be safe.
  • Avoid crowded places as much as you can.
  • Help other people socially, so that they can reach for better treatment.

COVID Must-Haves –

  • Mask and Sanitizers
  • Face Shield
  • Thermometer
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Some important medicines including vitamins as well.
  • Some healthy eatables
  • Steamer
  • Disposable gloves
  • Disinfectant

A Note to ALL –

I know it’s a hard time we all are facing, but this is the only time where we need to be strong and help ourselves in every way. It is difficult to say that take proper care as we all are taking all precautions. Don’t be so harsh in any condition, it will disturb you even more. Try to create a positive environment around yourself, social media. Don’t involve in any kind of political games or anything. Just be busy with your work and stuff, stay safe at your home. I will not recommend any type of medicines or home remedy, because it’s a critical situation here, everybody is prescribed in a different way according to their condition. At last, I want to end this blog by adding one more thing, don’t feel bored or something else, just do whatever you want to but be safe, join some online clubs. I wish you all to be safe and I wish all the people who tested positive will recover ASAP.

I love you all, Stay Safe, Stay Home!


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Hello, my lovely people. How are you all? I hope you all are doing great at their homes.…

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