A New Date for Me!!


It’s very difficult to survive in this condition as the COVID cases are increasing day by day. Also, many people are losing hope in this critical condition. But all we need to do is, be positive don’t overthink and, take precautions.

Today I will talk about something different here. It may include some Lifestyle ideas, but I will discuss something about my life and my things that I’ve decided to start for myself. Yes, most of the time I was concerned for everybody and now, I am all alone here. I feel helpless sometimes, I just want to scream a lot but all I end up with is crying like hell and then just wipe my tears and SMILE! It’s all my fault, my mistake to help others, to think for them first, not to prioritize my things first, yes this condition is just because of me only. For the last few days, I’m not well, feeling very low, no energy, no work, just crying all the time. Taking care of my family is my first priority and I’m doing this very well no matter how I’m doing in my personal life. At this period of time, I was completely lost. But then I took a complete night to sort this shit out. Yes, now I’m feeling good. I’m doing all my stuff properly and how I sort this out and how I find a new date for me, will tell you guys further in this blog. So keep reading!!

What is A New Date for Me?

A new date for me is very magical. It’s not like other’s bond, it’s something special that I can’t explain even in words properly. Taking a new step in your life is a different feeling, even I can’t define it. After losing my own personality just because of some people and my bad decisions, I really want a good start now. So, I took this little step towards a good and healthy life of mine. This new date for me is no one but I only. Yes, for a good date, for a good life, you don’t need a guy or a girl to make you feel happy, special all the time. It can be you, if you do some promises to yourself and start living your own life. It’s okay to be sad, upset, to cry sometimes, but for yourself only. Never beg for anybody(it’s my own experience), never beg to be their priority. Just make yourself a priority first. After that only, put people on your priority list. By doing this, they will actually feel your importance in their life. They will actually start living a better life with you. Start living for you, many people will join you further in this life journey. You will have to choose who is temporary or who is permanent.

A New Date For Me
Does it really matter?

How did I meet with My New Date?

It’s 11:08 pm and was raining at that time, I was listening to some lofi music on YT(YouTube) and suddenly I just opened my phone and saw his picture, I started crying without any reason, maybe I was just missing him or it’s just a heart breakdown at that time. I don’t know what was that, but I locked the phone and went outside on the terrace. I don’t know what to do at that time. I was there at my home and I don’t want to disturb anybody. I thought that time, what if he’s not missing me, what if he’s also crying. The only thing at that time I can do was pretending the things only. You know what the bad thing was, a blocked contact. Yes, where you can’t do anything. I just cried for some time, was listening to some songs and suddenly started talking with my Daddy. I asked him what to do, I can’t suffer like this it is very difficult for me now. He didn’t reply the same. I again started crying, I am very sensitive in these types of situations. I just calm myself, went back to my room opened my laptop, and started watching TVD(The Vampire Diaries). I literally don’t know, what to do with my life, my condition. I took some time and started thinking about the same. I concluded something but not completely. I listed a few things that I’ve to do the next day and planned very carefully. I promise to myself, not to worry about uncertain things again. I’ve to be strong on my decisions, and will not meltdown again for anybody. Yes, I do miss the person and those memories but from now that will be with me only. I promise not to look back but I will learn from some of my wrong decisions. I accepted each and every day of my life and decided to move on further with me only. That night was a life-changing part and I promised myself to stick on that only. That’s how I met with my new date of life!

A Note to my Loved One –

We may not be together now but there’s nothing bad to say about you. You were there and we were happy together. But as now, we both have separated our ways, I wish you good luck for your further life. I wish you will achieve each and everything now that bothers you sometimes when we were together. Maybe we both were out of the boundaries sometimes, we both made mistakes, but my only favorite person will be You, Always!

Thank you for leaving me helpless. Thank You for all those arguments we’ve made. I adore you the most and will miss you for sure. Just because you leave me behind somewhere, I actually understood my importance in every person’s life. Some people took it for granted as well but from now, I’m the only person who will look after everything for all my concerns now. Thank you for making me strong, I wish you and all people good luck for the future.

Love You All <3


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