A Productive Day in This Lockdown – A Battle with COVID-19


As we all know the current situation of the country, it’s very depressing right now like the people are suffering from this disease and due to which the PM has announced the 21 days lockdown all over the country. So, people will maintain social distancing as we all know it is a communicable disease spreading quickly among people.

It is difficult to survive right now, as people are getting bored, offices are closed, public places are closed. Some people are chilling, some are having good family time, some are busy in doing some sort of productive work, etc. So let’s talk about a good routine for this period of time. It is good to do some productive stuff, rather than being lazy or sleepy all the time.

After your morning routine, you can do your work like study, office work, or some productive work that you are interested in. After completing some work from your to-do list, it’s time for lunch. During this lockdown, you can have your every single meal with family, which is good. Don’t feel stressed or bored, I know it’s difficult to stay at home but we have no other option. You can utilize our time by adding some extra activities in your daily routine like skincare and hair care routines, focusing more on your fitness goals, some study material, learning new techniques, etc.

Talking about healthy skin, this is the best time to pamper your skin and give proper time. Let’s talk about the 3 steps that are very important for our skin. First is cleansing, wash your face with any of your face wash. Choose your face wash according to your skin type. Remember one thing, those who have acne-prone skin, there should be one thing for sure in skincare i.e. Salicylic Acid. It will help you to reduce the acne and treat them properly. After cleansing, the second step is to use toner and the last step is moisturizing your skin. These are very basic steps for the skin. Also, you can apply the face mask which helps you to maintain the glow of your skin all the time. As you are at home, try to avoid a lot of makeup products, it will help you to maintain the natural glow of your skin.

Now for the evening, it is the best time to have tea with a beautiful sunset. You can just sit with a cup of tea, and feel the good vibes of the evening. You can enjoy 20-30 minutes sitting there and watching the sunset. It calms your inner soul and you feel very relaxed after your work. Also, you can play some games or have some family time together. Those who can’t wake up early in the morning can do a workout in the evening as well.

After this, have your dinner, and watch some movies or series whatever you want to. I usually love watching movies with my mom and brother after dinner. Then, you can do some interesting things like, reading books(novels), study and try to write something about you, your life, or anything. Writing is a great hobby, that you should definitely do.

Now, let’s step into the night care routine, this is something which is the most important part of the skin. The very first step is to wipe out your face with a wet tissue, or remove your makeup(if any). Then again the 3 steps i.e. cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. After that apply your night cream/gel, then some castor oil on your lashes and brows. Also, at last, don’t forget to apply lip balm(you can apply vaseline/ghee as well). And, yes that’s all about how you can spend your day productively and can enjoy as well without feeling lazy or sleepy all the time.

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Healthy!! Love you all!!


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