What Is The Best Hair Care Routine One Should Follow For Every Hair Type?


Getting into a hair care routine is equally important as a skincare routine is. You need to find out the hair keratin which works best for you. It might become a daunting task for root because acknowledging that type of hair is very challenging. There are some common breakdowns that an individual should know about following a hair care routine. You need to follow up on some factors for building a natural hair texture and type.

Type of hair

Hair type should be thick and find enough to meet the four basic categories:

  • straight hair,
  • wavy hair,
  • curly hair, and
  • coyly hair.

It doesn’t matter whether your hair our diet is properly or chemically processed. If you follow a hair care routine, then you will definitely get satisfactory results. One of the most common reasons behind hair fall is stress changes in hormones and applying chemical substances to your scalp. It is highly advised for you to prevent your hair from fading and drying by following a hair care routine. No matter what type of hair you have, the hair shaft has some upsides and downsides.

How to know your hair type?

The very first thing which you should know is the type of hair which you require on a daily basis. It means that you need to choose the category of hair types such as straight hair comb, curly hair, or WAVY hair. If you follow up on hair keratin, then there are basic components that we will be discussing below. The very first thing which you need to do Is cleansing of hair.

Remove dead skin from scalp

It is very important to do with your hair so that all the dead skin can be removed. For this, You need to apply natural oils to your hair and prevent it from any kind of unwanted oil. If you are into swimming, try to wear a swimming cap to prevent your hair from coming in contact with chlorine. It is recommended to use natural elements on your scalp and hair so that it will not cause any kind of damage. If you apply a conditioner, it will give you certain benefits because it helps moisturize your scalp, provides shine, and reduces fizziness.

What is present in the conditioner?

The main ingredient which is present in a conditional is called surfactant. The right way of applying catatonic surfactant is to keep your hair wet and then use a shampoo moisturizer after cleansing. In order to hydrate your hair, do moisturize by applying natural oil so that your hair will not become oily. If you want to stop breakage, then detangle your hair so that you will be able to manage fizziness.

Using a wild tooth comb

If you will use a wild tooth comb, then it helps in avoiding breakage of hair. Now the next thing you need to do is styling to protect your hair so that proper volume will be formed. You can apply gel and liquid serums on your hair so that they will act as a heat protector on your scalp. The next activity and remedy which is considered is spot treating hair.

Using a protein treatment

It is a protein treatment that will help you manage frizzy hair by using nourishing products. The products which you are using on your scalp should be free from sulphate and paraben. There is no such need to do shampoo every day as you can undergo deep working shampoo based on clarifying formulas. This is the best and most natural way to reduce oil from your scalp.

Moisturising and conditioning are equally important in using a hair lotion or oil. It helps in locking the moisture of your hair and provides complete strengthening. There are four basic ways to detangle your hair, which can be done by using a comb brush, spray, or applying serum on the roads.

Do not brush on wet hair

If your hair are wet, then it will easily break down, so when you brush your hair, the texture should be thick enough to protect hair from breaking. There are different types of brushes available in the market through which you can easily find the right crystal that comes with a plastic version.

On the market, the detangling spray will help you brush and comb your hair effectively. You can also apply serum to your hair that will help you manage her hair condition and make them softer. Styling and protecting both are equally important, and for this, you can also use a dry shampoo that is free from unwanted oil. It is very important to use thicker products in those instances when you have dry hair because it provides shyness to your hair.


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