6 Easy And Effective Monsoon Haircare Tips To Avoid Damage!


After the long and hot summer, the monsoon arrives with great joy and beautiful rain. This season calms your mind and brings lots of happiness. But with the arrival of monsoon, you also need to take care of your body, hair, and skin. You may be taking care of yourself, but sometime you may neglect many conditions that can create a problem for you for a long time.

You need to take care of your hair most during this time since your hair is in its weakest condition. In short, you need to take care of your hair during this monsoon season. But what are the things that you can do to take care of your hair during monsoon? Here are the top 6 tips to take care of your hair and prevent any damage during this monsoon.

1. Try To Avoid Using Hair Dryers

Yes, you read it right. Do not try to dry your hair using hair dryers or any heating appliances during this time of the year. Because it will weaken the structure and integrity of your scalp and cause breakage, split ends, and early graying of hairs. It is better to use a damp towel to wipe off all the excess water from your hairs and let them be dried naturally by air. In this monsoon season, your hair gets weaker due to humid weather. So when you dry your hairs, they get weaker and lead to hair fall, let your hairs dry their own.

2. Massage With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is considered the best hair conditioner. It protects the hair roots from heat and makes them strong. Its benefits are not only limited to the skin but also your hair. Coconut oil has vitamins and minerals that strengthen your hair, improve its texture, and make it more beautiful. For best results, if you have dry and frizzy hairs, you can use the coconut hair oil with Aloe Vera, apply it to your hair for half an hour, and rinse off. The goodness of aloe and coconut will leave your hairs soft and detangled.

3. Choose The Right Comb

Monsoon is the ideal time when you can still get your favorite hairstyle and can easily manage with the hair. But it is also when you will have to wash your hands many times a day, because of water. This may cause damage to your hair combs. Therefore, you should choose the best quality combs that do not break easily and do not leave a tangle in your hair or gives sharp edges and rough them. Monsoons are most suitable for those types of combs with smooth and round teeth. Try to use the combs that have wider teeth so that they will help you detangle your hair without any damage.

4. Follow Proper Diet

During this time of the year, proper eating is very important. Since humidity is high and your body gets dehydrated because of the wet and humid weather conditions. So it is essential to take food that will keep you hydrated and make you energetic. For best results, if you want to make your hair healthy, beautiful, and strong, it is better to eat foods like carrots, mangoes, green wheatgrass varieties, beets, pumpkin, etc. These foods are extremely good for the scalp and can be made easily into salad or juice. There are also many foods for your hair like walnut, sunflower seed, and vitamin E enriched food that keeps your hair fuller and shinier.

5. Wash Out Rain Water

We all get excited when it rains. But this is not the time when you should be running in the rain or getting your hair wet in the rainwater. Because if you do so, your hair will become dull and damaged due to rainwater, and your hair texture will also change. To avoid such kinds of problems, before stepping out, just brush your hair with a soft brush and wash off all the rainwater to keep them dry and tangle-free. You must dry your hair after returning from outside with a towel. Make sure you don’t have any moisture in them that can damage your hair.

6. Hair Spa Or Treatments

it is very important to take care of your hair during the monsoon season as if you avoid it may become a long-term problem for you. So you can try treatment from a professional, and you can also try some home remedies. If you are getting bored with your old hairstyle or want to try any new hairstyle, then do it with the help of a professional. They will give you a nice hair spa or some treatments that will help you change your hairstyle but not damage your hair. So the best thing to do is get a professional hairstylist to do all these things for you.


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