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Everybody wants super long, smooth, shiny hairs also no dandruff and hairfall. After a long day in office, school or college your hairs look very damaged and greasy. All have different types of hairs like straight hairs, wavy, oily or curly hairs. Just like face and body, hair care is also very important.

Talking about the hair types, Straight hairs lacks in volume. It has a tendency to fall flat. It gets greasy on the scalp on the next day of using shampoo. Shampoo your hairs on the alternate day, as in market there are a lot of hair products which are Sulphate free and has a good condition of essential oils i.e. Jojoba oil, Argon oil, Tea tree oil and many more. If you’ve wavy hairs, firstly it helps in styling easily. But it becomes more greasy than straight hairs that you’ve to wash them thrice a week sometimes. For curly hairs, it is very important to give proper care as it has a lot of curls which looks like the hairs are very much frizzy and dry from the scalp.

Now talking about the essentials for hair care, includes a good diet, proper routine for head massage, shampoo and conditioner and many more to come –  To maintain Hair length – To grow a plant, we need to trim its leaves according to the state(whether it is dry or infected). Same for the hairs as well, we know because of a lot of dirt and pollution everywhere, it starts damaging from the end part(length of the hair) also name as split ends, which stops our hair growth completely or it grows like a damaged hair end. To prevent this, trim your hair once in a month. It will help you not only in hair growth but also give a beautiful texture to your hair. It will not look frizzy or damaged. 

Food – Having good hairs is not about expensive products or hair spa, but your eating schedule also affects a lot to your body and hairs. Some food items that you should add for better hair growth and thick hairs are Green Leafy Vegetables, Eggs, Nuts, Avocado and fish(if you eat). These products helps in increasing your hair thickness and give strength to your hairs. These products are rich in protein, vitamins and great source of nutrients.

Hair Supplement – I’ll not prefer any kind of tablets or supplements for hair growth. As there are many things to cure medically(diseases or may be some sort of infections). The only one thing I’ll recommend as a supplement is Biotin. There are number of products that has biotin in it like proteins, biotin tablets, some herbs etc. Biotin has a great result over Hairs and Nails. It has no side effects and you can take one dose daily for better results. It will work greatly.

To protect from dandruff – It is very basic thing that most of the people are facing nowadays. The very first cause of dandruff is hot water. People use hot water in winters for the head wash which is completely wrong. Hot water gives you a good vibe in winters but damage your hairs too, and this is the reason that you’ve dandruff or itchy scalp. The second thing is your pillow covers. We used to sleep with pillows but forget to change the pillow covers. It absorbs dust from the hairs and stick to the pillow surface. After that, when we go to sleep it will again do the same thing. And that’s the reason we wake up with itchy scalp and dandruff too. Change your pillow covers on alternate days, because it is also a cause of hairfall too. Oiling is good for the hairs. But nowadays hair oils are not that much organic or pure that we can apply for 1-2 days and leave it. Apply hair oil 2 hours before taking bath, give a good massage. It will help in blood circulation as well and your hair condition will also improve. Sometimes, if you’ve oily scalp then you feel so scratchy while applying hair oil, this is the only reason for the dandruff. So, oil your hairs before taking bath. Don’t apply for 1-2 days.

Haircare Products – Nowadays one brand is in trend i.e. MAMAEARTH. It is an Indian Brand for skincare and hair care products. They have a great result and review about their products. The best part about their hair care range is they’ve essential products that is very beneficial for the hair growth and volume as well. Hair masks done their job perfectly. As it helps in repairing your scalp and length as well in one go. It has great ingredients like onion, tea-tree, argon, coconut, and many more things. I personally use their products, and the result is super – amazing. I’ll link down the products if you are interested in buying them, I will highly recommend for this.

No to Electronic Items – I know it is very basic thing, everybody knows about it. But still, few of the people take care of this point. Don’t apply heat to your hairs daily, because it will harm your hairs. If you want to style, use straighteners or curlers on some event or party. But, remember one thing,use a heat protect spray before using it. It will protect your hairs from the direct contact of heat.

Head Wash Routine(Something different) –  It is not necessary to use conditioner after shampoo. My kind of hair care routine doesn’t include any conditioner. I used to apply a hair mask form Mamaearth before taking bath, All you need to do is, wet your hairs a little bit and apply a hair mask to your scalp and length(just like you apply the face mask on your face). Keep it for 25 minutes and rinse it off. After this apply shampoo(don’t lather a lot) and wash it completely. This is the only thing that you need to do. If you are a person that uses hair serum or something else, then avoid all these things. An alternate for the serum is the Pantene Oil Replacement, It nourishes your hair completely and gives a perfect shine and smoothness to your hairs. 

Invest something for good products like hair masks, shampoo, etc. Don’t stick to one shampoo, change your shampoo according to your hair type. I hope this will definitely work for you all, These things help me most. Happy Hairs!! 

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