Essentials you need while Travelling- Korean skincare routine!!


The best buddy of travelling – The Face Shop!!

when we go somewhere, we have to pack our daily-used things in a backpack. As we know, when we move from one weather to other one, it will create some problems, like a minor cold, fever, skin breakouts, hair damage and the bad thing about travelling( dust, dust and dust). To get of these situations, the best thing is- The face Shop. We know, it is not possible to pack all the products with you, so the best thing is that, Face Shop has launched this travel kit, which has the main products we need, while travelling.

The Face Shop is one of the second most popular South Korean brand, after Innisfree. It is basically a mixture of natural and scientific proven products. This brand has a wide range of skincare products, like face creams, hand creams, aloe vera gel, moisturizer, serum, toner, makeup remover, face mask sheets and many more products.

  • The Face Shop Travel kit contains –
  • Herb Day Cleansing Cream Aloe
  • Daily Perfume Hand Cream Aloe
  • White Seed Brightening Discovery Kit
  • Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser
  • Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask
  • Real Nature Pomegranate Face Mask
  1. Herb Day Cleansing Cream Aloe: This product contains a pure aloe extract in the form of cream. It is used for cleansing(makeup removing, normal cleansing of face). it is made for all skin types. Even after removing your makeup, it feels so good and light just like you’ve applied some light moisturizer. It is worth buying, as it works both like a makeup remover and a kind of cream (to hydrate your skin ).

2. Daily Perfumed Hand Cream: Usually, we don’t use a kind of hand or foot cream. We used to apply complete body lotion. This hand cream from Face Shop, contains rose water with vitamin-e oil, which helps your skin to hydrate and makes it smooth. It doesn’t have any SPF or any additional thing, it works just like a normal hand cream. According to other hand creams, it is quite expensive. If you want to try a hand cream that is good for summers and non-sticky, that definitely go for it.

3. White Seed Brightening Discovery Kit: White seed is a Daisy flower extract, which helps our skin to look brighter and removes the dullness, and dead skin cells. This kit contains three products, you can buy them separately if you want one or two of them. It contains, brightening toner, serum, and lotion. Toner helps to hydrate our skin. It helps in reducing open pores, results in a brighter skin. The next product is, Serum. It is something like we used to give a kind of polish to our skin, give a natural glow just like without highlighting. It is a good product to try! Coming on to the last product of this white seed kit, lotion. Everyone knows, the role of lotion in our life, but this white seed lotion helps our skin to give a bright tone. This kit is perfect for daily skincare routine. Also, a big thumbs up to the toner and serum.Must try!!

4. Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser: For a daily routine, it is a necessary product, as we want something more than a normal face wash.This cleansing foam contains rice water, which is a good ingredient for skin and hairs too. Rice water helps to give volume to the hairs and also helps to bright our skin tone. This cleansing foam is a good product for all skin types, especially for oily skin. It lathers a lot even, after taking less quantity. It is really a good product to go with, and for travelling purpose it’s just amazing, even we don’t want to carry any other cleansers or scrubs to wash off our face.

5. Face Sheet Masks: Sheet mask contains serum which gives very relaxing and soothing skin, after using it. it gives a fresh look to our face. All we have to do is, just take a sheet mask, peel it off from the cover, separate the mask from the additional sheet, and apply it. Keep it for 20-25 minutes, and it’s done. Also, we can use the left over serum in the cover, on our hands and neck area. It has different flavors like, green tea, pomegranate, and many more.

Just give it a try!! It’s really amazing for daily life and travelling purpose.


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