Face Massager for Deep Cleansing – Worth Buying or Not??


Face cleansing with face massager is an important thing whenever it comes to the Skincare part. Face washes play a vital role, as you have to be very careful while choosing the face wash/cleanser. It is highly recommended by the doctors also that, select the face wash/cleanser according to the skin type. Either it’s about the skin type or any skin problem you are facing, keep this in your mind don’t select the face washes on the basis of prices, packaging. If you have some skin problems, then consult a doctor and take proper skincare products, as they will suggest the best skincare products which contain no chemicals and will be effective to your skin and you can use the products with the face massager also.

Face wash is not enough for the skin. You have to be more concerned about your skin. Talking about the most trendy product that every influencer is using, is Silicone Brushed Face Massager with the USB charging point. There are a lot of face massagers like a plastic brushed massager, hand rollers, some kind of electric products as well.

Face Massager
Face Cleansing Massager

Where to buy the Face Massager –

There are many variants of this face massager you can check online. While searching for this product, you will find many links with the same product but different offers, different prices. Some sellers sell this product at affordable prices while the others are giving a good discount. Don’t forget to check the reviews before buying the product from any online website. Also, the brand named Foreo has different types of massagers, and recently they’ve launched a product called UFO, used for masking. You can check there as well, but the products are quite expensive, hence I will recommend you guys to try it out from Amazon, Nykaa or somewhere else at affordable price. Remember one thing, it’s lockdown everywhere you have to sanitize all the parcels first before taking them inside the home. Do sanitize all the products properly.

How To Use the Face Massager –

  • Take the massager and wet its surface.
  • After that, take the cleanser and apply it on the face directly or you can add some cleanser on the face massager and gently apply it.
  • Set the intensity of the massager accordingly.
  • Massage it for 7-8 minutes, deep cleanse your face properly.
  • Rinse your face and clean the massager properly.
  • At last, wipe out the remaining water from the massager and keep it safely back in its case.

Review about Face Massager –

This face massager helps you in many ways, like for the cleansing part. It helps in removing the oil, dirt, and dead skin cells from your face. It has the textured surface with the silicone bristles which helps in deep cleansing. According to the gadget, I feel like it is a good product for the pampering massage. Also, the battery life is quite impressive, once charged can go for a very long time. It is a travel-friendly product, you can take it with you. The best part about this product is, it is washable and it has different intensities where you an actually set the mode you want. My review from 10 will be 9 for sure, 1 mark less just because I am confused about ng it will work properly, though it is washable but has battery also. It might stop working after some time.

Face Massager

I hope this post helps you in taking the right decision for your skin. I will not suggest you guys, buy it immediately. It’s your choice whenever you want to give a try, you can buy this.

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