Get Ready with Me for Daily Video Meetings – Glow up Routine!


Heya people, How are you doing all? Today’s blog is quite interesting and very much helpful for you. You’ve already checked the title yes, it’s a get ready with me for daily video meetings and a glow-up look, how to look fresh and glowy every day while working. We all are busy with online classes, meetings, we’ve to join video meetings daily. At that particular, every girl knows that we are not ready for the virtual session and quite confused like how to sit in front of the camera with a dull face and rough hairs. So, I will discuss how to look perfect during your video meetings or online classes with minimal makeup products(No make-up look). Be here with me and check this complete post for the same.

  • Skincare – 

The very first step is to prep your skin. The proper skincare helps in a good and glowy makeup look. Your skin should be hydrated properly and well-moisturized. Here, I will start with cleansing first, then I will apply a toner(here I’m using Laneige skin refiner), after toner, I use the moisturizer that my Dermat prescribed. After this, don’t forget to use sunscreen, it is very important for the skin. Make sure the products you are using are completely for your skin type only. Using the wrong products will not give hydrated and glowing skin. After completing my skincare, I will further move to my everyday touch-up routine(no-makeup look).

get ready with me for video meetings

  • Makeup – 

Here, the very first product I will use is a concealer. I use concealer for my dark spots, acne marks, under-eye, and a little bit near my nose and chin. Concealing my face helps in clearing the skin and gives a fresh look. Sometimes, I skip the concealing part(when my skin texture is smooth and no extra acne marks). After concealing my face, I move on to the compact powder. It helps in mattifying the skin and absorb all the oily texture. The next part is my favorite i.e. Blush. There are different ways to apply blush. I prefer using it on my cheeks, a little bit on my nose and chin. It gives a dewy look to your face. I don’t use a curler for my daily look, I apply mascara directly on my lashes, and with the brow gel (you can use the same mascara brush) I set my brows. The important part of the glowy look will be a highlighter. I apply it on the nose tip, cheekbone, and a little bit on the upper lip area. For the lips, here I will use tinted lipgloss(some sort of brown shade). You can use any lipstick you like. This look will definitely help you out in every way for attending virtual sessions.

  • Hairs – 

For the hairs, if you have to attend any formal meeting then you should tie your hairs in a ponytail otherwise it is good to go with open hairs. Don’t think that much for the hair part as we all know it is very easy to tie up the hairs for virtual sessions. All we can do is, clutch the hairs, and you are good to go. Sometimes for the meetings with some higher authorities or some sort of business meetings you have to be extra concerned about the hairs and makeup too. So, at that particular time just make a high or low ponytail and adjust the rest of the hairs with the small hairpins. 

And that’s all about the glowy look for daily video meetings. I hope you like it. This glow-up routine will not take a long time to get ready, you can easily get ready within minutes only. You can try light make-up as well if you want to, otherwise, this look is all you want. 

Love you all!!


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