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Skincare is one of the most important topics to discuss. Even personally, I’ve experienced a lot of products by L’oreal on my skin like face mists, cleansers, scrubs, toners, masks, and many more. As my skin is super sensitive and oily too, whenever I buy a new product for my skincare the very first thing that comes in my mind is whether it will suit me or not. As many times, I faced many problems like new acne breakouts, dull skin, and sometimes some itchy skin too. The most important thing that I want to share with you is about your skin type, you should know your skin type and most importantly the one thing that suits you better. Many of us have some issues after applying makeup like some open pores, pimples. So keep this in your mind while purchasing any product, you should know the skin type and the formulas(for skin) that suits you more. Now, let’s talk about the product –

L’oreal Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence


L’oreal is a cosmetic brand that has great products like skincare, haircare, makeup, hair colors, etc. It has a wide range of products all over the world. The best thing about L’oreal is, you can get better results according to your need, either you purchase an eye-serum, face pack, shampoo, or anything you want. So, this is the latest launch from L’oreal that is the Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence. Before talking more about this product, let me tell you about the micro essence. It works on the skin very deeply as it has used micro-technology that will strengthen your skin and will make it look flawless not only from the skin surface but also from the inner layers as well. This product gives you better skin as it works up to the ten layers of the skin. This is the latest innovation in skincare by L’oreal to get a hydrated and glowing skin texture. It is made by keeping in mind that it will not be harsh on any skin type like everyone can use this product.

How to Use this product by L’oreal –

In the morning after cleansing your face, take 3-4 drops of the essence on your hands and gently apply it on your face. Don’t massage it harshly, you just have to apply it in your face with the help of your fingers and pat it till it will be absorbed. Leave it for a few seconds so that it can absorb properly and will work better.

The same thing you can do at night as well, like after cleansing apply 3-4 drops and that’s it. I am using this essence twice a day and it works like heaven for me. Don’t use this for like 3-4 times a day after face – wash, as it is quite acidic, it may harm your skin if you will use it excessively.

Benefits – What I feel Honestly

I’ve purchased the smallest bottle i.e. 22 ml that costs for Rs. 250 and I’ve finished one bottle and now I am using the second one. I’ve decided to purchase the bigger one for sure after seeing the results. See, the most important thing that you should keep in mind is, no product gives a result like in 2-4 days. You have to be calm and use the product on a regular basis. Just check your skin texture like every week, so that you can identify the difference. I usually take the one month challenge of any new product I purchase. So, it can clarify properly whether I could buy it again or not. Sometimes, if you feel very irritated or you see that the product is giving you bad results in just 2-3 days, then don’t use it again. So the very first day when I got my essence, I was very excited and nervous too, to use this. Then I cleanse my face and apply the 3-4 drops of the essence. When I opened up the cap of the bottle, it totally feels like I am applying an alcoholic kind of thing on my face. It smells like a strong acid. After applying the essence, it gives a hydrated and a fresh look. Also, the best part about this product is, it has Salicylic acid which is a life savior for me, hehe! At last, I want to conclude that this product is very good for all skin types. Don’t give up early, at least go for one bottle challenge. I am pretty sure that with a week or two, you will love this product and highly recommend it to others as well. One more important thing that I want to share with you guys is if you feel any kind of problem immediately(or within a day or two) on your face after using this, then don’t apply it again.

So, guys, this is all about from my side, this product is actually a very good product to use. It actually repairs your skin up to 10 layers. give it a try, you can buy the smallest bottle. It will be enough for 1-2 months.

Thank you guys, Stay Safe! Stay Home!!


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