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You all know about THAT GIRL, yes you’re right “THAT GIRL”. This trend has already blown out every girl’s head, like hell. This trend is overflowing everywhere, but this trend is a lot of work, dedication, consistency and more importantly the routine that you have to follow every single day. I watched many videos about, how to become “THAT GIRL”, and at the same time I saw two sides of this trend, many girls are already into this trend and many failed as well. Again, that girl is a lot of work but it’s totally a life changing stuff girls.

Before moving forward with this blog, I want to share few things here. THAT GIRL doesn’t mean you want some high end stuff first and then only you can start with this trend. It’s all about maintaining your lifestyle, having a good balance between you personal and professional life so that you can easily focus on both sides individually. I think balancing your life, becoming the best version of yourself is all you need and that’s it, you will be “THAT GIRL” super soon.


Must Haves for “THAT GIRL” –

Here I want to share a list of products that every girl have already and that will be useful for this journey, so let’s start with the first one –

  • Journal (to write down daily in morning)
  • Notebooks(to plan your life, to plan your to-do lists, to write down your positive quotes everyday)
  • metal straw(now, if you wanna move from ordinary to aesthetic and wanna save a percent of environment, avoid plastic straws and start carrying metal straws with you)
  • some good active wears(it will help you in working out so gracefully with that state of mind that you’ve to burn your body to become THAT GIRL)
  • yoga mat(for morning yoga/meditation, also for home workout if you do)
  • a sipper bottle or a tumbler(this will help to hydrate your body all the time)
  • few glass containers(to store your salads and to look fancy while eating, you know THAT GIRL stuff, haha)
  • some good reading books(self-help, life-changing, growth)

Now, after listing some must-haves for this trend let’s just focus on some important key points for becoming that girl. Here, I want to start with a productive morning to night routine that I follow, just like “THAT GIRL” so that, it will be clear that how you guys can achieve your goals of becoming “THAT GIRL”.

Morning Routine for becoming “THAT GIRL”

  • A good sleep cycle(now, it will only help to achieve all your goals of THAT GIRL, otherwise you can’t grab a good routine)
  • early morning yoga/meditation/workout (this is something, I love a lot because it improves not only my body but my soul as well)
  • a healthy breakfast(fancy and fulfilling at the same time)
  • do journal everyday (to understand your inner soul, do check Pinterest for prompts)
  • go through my to-do-list (to start my day accordingly)
  • aesthetic shower routine (to feel fresh, to smell good)
  • a good skincare routine(you should spend more on skincare than makeup, as minimal makeup = that girl)
  •  a fancy and healthy breakfast(basically something that is fulfilling for you stomach and social media as well)

That’s all about the morning routine of “THAT GIRL”, now you can understand what exactly becoming THAT GIRL mean.

THAT GIRL routines are quite strict and productive, also these routines are quite difficult to follow on a daily basis. All you need is dedication and courage that will make the better version of yours.

You should plan your day accordingly if you wanna stay perfect just like the routine. I will quickly move towards the night routine, but before that I wanna conclude few things about THAT GIRL in the last, so stay here till end.

Try to finish all your work on time so that you can spend more time with yourself.

 Night Routine for becoming “THAT GIRL” –

After a long day, it’s time to focus on yourself again. After a very good start with a morning routine, it’s time to end the day with aesthetic night routine from making dinner to a long walk and a good sleep cycle.

  • evening snack and a self- manifestation (choose one spot, where you can relax yourself and sit for a while, trust me it feels good)
  • prepare something for dinner(prefer something in salad)
  • a good night skincare routine
  • something to watch (Netflix stuff)
  • make to-do-list for next day, read good books before sleeping
  • prepare for next day(schedules and all stuff)
  • then, good night😴.

I think, being THAT GIRL is quite interesting and yet a lot of work, but once you’ll start doing all these stuff, trust me there is no way going back. I think that’s all about this blog, but I will be posting more for THAT GIRL series, so stay tuned for the same.

Till then, B Bye my people!


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