How to Change Your Style Without Spending Money!!

We have a lot of stuff in our wardrobe, but we can’t decide from where to start choosing the outfit, or what to style. Here’s something where you can easily change your style, by the things you have in your wardrobe, without spending money.

The very first change in your style can be done by swapping the girly outfit into a casual one. For this all you need is the pair of sneakers you would like to wear with the dress and a leather jacket to put on.

Coming on the skirts, dressed with the off shoulder top and flats, we can give a twist by changing the top with a t-shirt and again, flats with the white sneakers. It looks classy, the way you dress the skirt casually.

Another basic outfit is white t-shirt with a pair of jean. All you need is, take any of your blazer, shrug, a kind of jacket material, to wear with the t-shirt. It helps you to dress for a corporate also, like for casual days or for the meet-ups.

Sometimes, people struggle with dressing the small clothes on the weekends. So, wear your camy top along with the pair of jean and sneakers. Take a basic white shirt and wear it as a off shoulder one. It will look more comfortable and a new look with the old stuff.

It’s all based on the way you are dressing yourself with the same stuff but in a different way. All you need is your sneakers, some basic shirts, t-shirts, skirts, jeans, and jackets, or all the stuff you have you have, and start exploring different looks.

Also, you can add different accessories and hairstyles to grab a new look. It will also help you to look great and give a glimpse to your outfit.


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