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As it’s a complete lockdown everywhere, nail extensions are now getting worse day by day, this may hurt you as well. After nail extensions, all you need is good care in a particular period of time. Even those have natural nails, they also need proper care. To do perfect nail art, it needs practice as well. But, don’t worry will do each and every step very carefully and step by step.

For doing nails, we have two methods – one is by painting your natural nails and the other one is, by doing nail extensions(with the help of fake nails). Before doing any of the steps, first, we need to do is manicure(nail care).

How to do Manicure at Home?

You can do Manicure at home as well, You can use any of the home remedies like besan ubtan or anything else. Some products that you need for manicure are – Nail Polish remover, filer, nail-cutter, cuticle – pusher(if available), base – coat, any scrub, moisturizer, your favorite nail color/ fake nails(if available).

Step 1- Remove the fake nails carefully –

If you have natural nails, then move to Step 2. For removing the fake nails, dip your nails into the nail polish remover, so that the glue will start removing from the fingernail and the extension will ready to come off. Take them off carefully, no adhesive will remain left over there.

Step 2 – Clean your nails with remover –

Clean your nails properly with the nail polish remover. So, your nails will clean nicely. For those who have nail extensions, follow this step carefully so that the glue will also remove properly. After cleaning your nails, don’t forget to wash your hands.

Clean your nails properly with nail polish remover or a wipe like shown in this picture above.

Step 3 – Shape your nails –

After cleaning, give your nails a little trim and shape as well. so that your nails will look freshly done and good for sure. After trimming the nails, file them with the help of filer to give a proper shape. After this, we will further move on to the next step.

Step 4 – Push back your cuticles –

You can push back your cuticles with the cuticle pusher or with the edge of the filer too. Remember there should be no cream or oil near cuticles because it will make the skin softer and the dead skin will not remove. Pushing cuticles properly helps in removing the dead skin of the nails and give strength to them.

Step 5 – Scrub your Hands Properly –

Exfoliate your hands properly with any scrub or take 1 tablespoon coffee, sugar and honey, mix them properly and scrub your hands. It will remove the dullness from your hands and nail as well. It will help you in brightening your hands too. Exfoliate the cuticles as well, so that the texture of the nails will look amazing. Here I am using mCaffeine naked & raw coffee body scrub. You can also try this.

Here I’m using the mCaffeine body scrub for exfoliating hands.

Step 6 – Moisturize properly –

This is one of the main step i.e. to moisturize your skin properly. Moisturizers nourish your skin completely and help to recover the dull skin after exfoliation. Don’t forget to moisturize the cuticles as well, so that the nail color will not smudge off or seems dry after applying.

This hand cream is from Face Shop (good texture, mild fragnance, non-sticky).

How to Apply Nail color –

After the cleaning process, all you need is to have your favorite nail color and apply it to your nails properly. complete the first coat on both the hands. It’s okay, if you don’t have the base coat, you can apply the nail color directly as you’ve already moisturized the nails. After the first coat, apply the second coat carefully. Let it dry properly. At last, apply the topcoat to prevent your nail color. And yes, it’s done.

How to Apply Fake Nails –

For applying fake nails, all you need is adhesive and the nails of course. This one is exceptional for now, as it’s not possible to buy the fake nails now. So you’ve already then followed this otherwise go to the previous step. For the fake nails, remember one thing they are not like permanent nail extensions, so I’ll suggest you apply fake nails whenever you go out or whenever you want to apply. It’s super cheap(starting from Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 and more) and it is the best way to invest in your nails for sure. All you need to do is, apply the adhesive near the cuticles and wait for seconds after then place the nail accordingly, and yes you are done!!

The very important point you need to remember is to clean your nails timely. Also, if anyone wants to grow their nails naturally, apply castor oil daily at night before going to bed. It helps in your nail growth and gives strength also. Stay Safe! stay Home!


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