How to pack for a weekend gateway – Travel Essentials!

It is the best part of life, Weekend Trip. It gives you a  break  from your hectic life and revitalizes you completely. A  vacation  for 3-4 days confused a lot in preparing your  bag  like what to carry, what to wear, how to  look amazing. These all things will discuss here and will do a great  weekend packing.

Wear clothes in which you are comfortable, don’t make such a big list for a weekend trip, it will make you confused about what to put in your bag. Take comfy pajamas, a t-shirt, your type of comfy footwear (a pair of shoes, slippers) and your essentials(undergarments). If you are taking some tops or dresses then don’t forget to put the bras that you’ll wear with. Take scarf/shrug if needed, it will protect you from dirt and dust for sure. Don’t increase the number of clothes, it can make a big mess, you can take up to 5-6 clothes(including t-shirts, dresses, and bottom wears).

Never forget to put a pair of flat sandals, it will help you to walk easily and make you comfortable for the complete trip.

Talking about the hygiene, keep your separate towel and your products(skincare) with you. Personal hygiene is must every time, no matter whether it is a 3 days trip or a good vacation. It’s better to buy a travel kit for toiletries so that it will be manageable and easy to take your things with you.

Some items that should be essential while heading out are, wipes, phone charger, earphones, a hand sanitizer, something light to eat (dry fruits, makhana, protein bar), wallet, pen and a small notebook( writing is a good habit, that everyone should try!), sunglasses, a moisturizer, some medicines(if needed). These things are the most important part of a handbag, for the daily routine as well.

For capturing memories we used to click pictures. Isn’t it interesting to take the Polaroids at the same time, so that you can add this to your collection? It is the best way, here’s the coolest gadget/camera for this. It has great picture quality and quite affordable in comparison to other cameras. Here’s the link if anyone wants to buy it. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera  Also, it has some cool colors as well like flamingo pink, ice blue, yellow, smokey white and many more.

Carry those things that you need most of the time, Maximize your fun and Minimize your luggage!


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