How To Promote Your Personal Blog In The Right Way?


The starting stage of personal blogging the phase becomes the most fun and exciting part of your journey. However, if you want your personal blog to become successful, then the most important thing you should remember is to make a good topic for blogging. If you don’t have a good plan or action to help you promote your blogs, then the tips below will help you achieve greater success during your journey.

Pre promotion checklist

Before starting with the promotion tips, there are a few things that you should get to know about. First, there are a few strong selling points that will help you to promote your blogs easily. So there are a few points that you should put on your pre-promotional checklist.

1. Check whether you need a freelancer –

Promoting your blog effectively is not an easy process. It involves a lot of work and resources to promote them. So there is much work that you might not handle alone, and sometimes you need a freelancer to get the job done.

2. Make visuals to complete blog posts –

Most people online like to have content with more visuals. So it would be a good option for you to provide your blogs with images and videos because it will be more appealing to your audience.

3. Only post high-quality content –

The quality of your content also varies because providing your user with low-quality content will ruin your reputation. On the other hand, providing high-quality content will ensure that more users will be attracted to your blogs.

4. Make your blog searchable –

Optimization is another necessary process with the help of SEO tactics. The optimization will make sure that your content will become searchable and whenever people search for content related to your topic it will appear effectively.

5. Build a strong relationship with your readers –

Taking care of all the necessary things you demand would be a good option for you to build an effective relationship with them. It will be beneficial to build a new relationship with their known person. Having a loyal reader base will increase the reputation of your content in the market.

How to promote your blog

The above things will ensure that your blog will thrive in the initial stages. However, to promote your blog, you can do a few things, and the most popular tips are as follows.

1. Repurpose you are content –

Content repurposing deals with reimagining your topmost posts into the form of content. It will remind your audience that you have a great content list that you can offer to them. For instance, you can turn your blog into an infographic, and you can also convert it into a video for YouTube, and many more things.

Once you get to know about all the ins and outs of the content you will be good to go forbidding organic links. However, after a few years of blogging, the link-building process is necessary because it will be a good source of increasing your SEO strategy. You can also use guest posting, which can help you build your site backlinks.

UTM links can be a technical opportunity for you to capture to enhance the divisibility of your content. These links effectively add effective codes at the end of your blog post URL. It can help you to track your content and monitor it with marketing campaigns on Google Analytics. It will let you know about each and everything that is happening to your content, and you will also get to know about your target audience.

4. Share your blog on social media platforms –

It is one of the basic strategies every influence marketing or blog posting website uses. You can use your other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and many more things to promote your blog. You can share with your audience who follow you on social media platforms. Social media work as a medium of generating new traffic to your current content through your blogs.

5. Answer the questions on Quora –

Quora is a simple website where people ask a lot of questions from others. You can simply answer all the queries whenever you post a new blog, and your audience passes you. It will make your audience loyal to you because taking care of your viewers would be the top priority for you. Using your Quora account daily would be a good option to promote your blog.


The above tips and tricks will help you to enhance and promote your blog effectively. Promoting personal blogs is not easy, but with a lot of hard work and dedication, you will be able to achieve success within a few months. Using all the necessary resources will effectively promote your blog.


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