How To Start Your Fashion Blog: A Comprehensive Guide!


You may have probably seen fashion blogs everywhere. Your Instagram feed might be full of them, and your friends always seem to be talking about new outfits they see online. Everyone is starting their blog these days, but what are the best places to start, and how can you have a successful blog of your own? Then, you can go through this information and make your fashion trends.

Many women love to create their style and make it a trend. We will help you with the fashion trends and basic information that you need to know about fashion blogs, blogging, and finally, starting your very own style blog. With so much new technology in the world today, it is easy to have a powerful website to meet various needs. So if you are also a beginner, then here are the tips that you can start with your fashion blog:

1. Select Your Niche

Before starting your fashion blog, it is very important to know your niche. You can have a fashion blog about any style. For example, you can discuss formal clothing and accessories, shoes and other accessories, fashion for maternity women, etc. Or you may also have your unique niche that includes everything from makeup to fitness routines.

People follow their favorite celebrities and other well-known figures on their blogs so keep that in mind while shaping your blog. In addition, some people have a specific interest in certain brands, celebrity fashion styles, and many other things that are related to fashion. Sometimes it can be confusing which blog to start; then, you must ask yourself two questions:

  • How Would You Describe Your Core Style?

The first thing is that you have to choose your core style and what is your particular niche. What kinds of things are you most interested in. So try to find what your interest is to help you define the types of posts that you will write in the future.

  • How Is Unique Your Style From Others?

The core style that you choose should be unique, and it should not be something that other people are already doing. You can research on the internet to see what other people are doing in the same genre as you want and make it more unique than others.

2. Choose A Perfect Name And Hosting

One of the most important things that need attention when starting a fashion blog is choosing a perfect name. Make sure you are using a newly created domain like or or something like that, and make sure the name will be easy to remember for your readers.

You must take your time to choose the name for your blog, and you can also check the blogs of other trending people. You can use either WordPress or Blogger account for your hosting location, the two most popular blogging platforms. Still, any other platform such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can also be used in your fashion blog with the help of our software called an app.

3. Set Up WordPress And Enable Plug-Ins

WordPress is a platform where you can build your blog easily. You can get different types of themes for your fashion blog. After you decide on your fashion blog name and hosting location, you have to set up WordPress on that website by downloading it from the internet.

After you have already downloaded WordPress, you can install it in your hosting account. However, if you want to make it more professional, we suggest that you use our app, a fully customizable WordPress theme for a fashion blog. You can also enable the plug-in like:


The Jetpack offers various features that also include advanced functions and security.

Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO helps you optimize and evaluate your blogs and articles that improve SEO and readability.

Social Share Plug-In

If you have a presence on social media, you can enable these plug-ins to add your social platform links to them.

4. Market And Monetize Your Blog

After creating a blog, it is very important to market it so that it can become popular. There are many different ways that you can market your fashion blog. The first way is to write useful and quality articles which will attract people to read them and share them with their friends.

The second way is social media marketing, so share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platform to reach out to people from different locations. You can also create many accounts for blogging sites because visitors from those sites will be able to visit directly from a specific site rather than via search engines or Google.

The third way of marketing the fashion blog is by placing AdSense ads in the sidebar or at the bottom of your post, which will help you generate revenue for yourself. With this, you can also track your customer and watch their behavior, whether they are visiting your blog or not.

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