How To Transform Your Room with Minimal Spending!!

Hey, my peeps!! I hope you all are doing good at home. I know the time is very difficult for all of us, but the only thing we can do is to stay at home and be healthy. So, today let’s discuss something about how to transform your room. I think this is the only thing that we can do right now to feel like, we are living with some good changes and different lifestyles. I thought let’s transform the room, to make it more beautiful and different than before. So without any delay, let’s start this –

Before talking about room transformation, let’s discuss something about cleaning. As we’ve many things that we don’t want or something that is actually taking some space of our room. The very first thing is to organize what you want to keep and how will you keep them. I’ve many skincare, haircare, stationary things, books, electronic gadgets, and many more things. The very first thing I do is to separate all the things and divide them into sections. I’ve arranged them in the containers. So, it will not look messy at all. After doing all the cleaning and organization, now will discuss something for the decor part.

Let’s discuss some products first, maybe some of you have them at home. But no worries, we’ve many options. Talking about the bed area first, according to my personal experience I love buying bedsheets from Shein, as they have the best material, and the prices are good according to the quality, and stuff they are providing. Even you can buy from Myntra as well if you’re a person who usually shops from online websites. Otherwise, there is one option as well where you can check the quality and bargain as well. HEHE!! Also, the pillow covers some soft toys you can add. I’ve made some sets, like if I’ve got a grey colored blanket, then I will use a pink colored bedsheet with grey colored pillow colors and will add some different shades(pink or grey) of cushions. It will give a royal look to your room as already you’ve completed one area of your room. It will look more creative if you want to add a side table near your bed. I usually keep my small bed table so that it will be easy to do my work or breakfast sometimes(my thing!!). I want to add a canopy but right now it’s not good to order something as we all know this pandemic situation. So I saw somewhere, a girl takes two different clothes(saree, long scarf called dupatta) like two white and one pink according to the length of your bed. Then tie them and hang it above the bed, like in the middle of the bed, with the help of a nail. Then take the ends of the cloth and press the cloth under the mattress so that it will give a falling look like a canopy. And yes, your comfy bed is ready!!

Coming on the wardrobe, I started keeping my clothes according to the color co-ordination like, all the pinks together, all the whites together etc. It will give a nice and unique look to the wardrobe. Now, I really wanted a dream wall in my room, where I can add all my dreams. So I’ve select the opposite wall from my bed, and the very first thing I’ve done is to write some quotes that actually relates my personality. It actually pumps me out daily, for the dedication and concentration towards my work/study. Also, I’ve added some of my drawings, or anything that I actually want on my wall. I’ve given a name to that particular wall i.e. DREAMS. It is a perfect thing for the transformation of your room. As you should have a corner in your room, where you can actually feel your dreams properly. This is my best area. For the room transformation, you can add many decorative things, like any prop you want, plants, flowers, etc.

This is all about my room transformation, I hope you’ll like it. If you want more ideas for the room transformation, just let me know. I would love to post the other blog for you guys. Till then Stay Safe!! Stay Healthy!!


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