My Acne Skincare Routine – Helpful!


Hello, my lovely people. How are you all? I hope you all are doing great at their homes. Stay safe guys.

Today I’m gonna discuss with you, my current acne skincare routine. This weather is making my skin very dull. My skin texture is super sensitive. As we all know, lockdown is still everywhere, I can’t visit my Dermatologist. So, I am using few skincare products and taking care of what I’m eating. So, I will talk all about my skincare routine for acne-prone and super sensitive skin further in the blog –

acne skincare routine

Morning Acne Skincare Routine –

In the morning, I cleanse my face first with a face wash that my dermatologist recommended to me. He suggested me two facewash, I usually use them. One is Nioglow, and the other is Cosrx Low Ph Good Morning Cleanser. Nioglow is a foaming face wash containing salicylic acid, and it is most important for acne. salicylic acid helps in preventing acne, pimples, and breakout. It clears out the pores, removes the dead skin as well. After cleansing, I prefer a good toner here I use Plum’s face mist, it is so refreshing even you feel like a very smooth texture after using it. Toner is must in the skincare routine, it helps in shrinking your open pores and helps the skin glow. After using it daily, you will see a major impact. I don’t use serums nowadays, as already I do have an oily texture, after applying serum it gets more. I will recommend a serum that mattifies your skin completely, for those who have oily skin. After toner, I use my moisturizer which is also recommended by my dermatologist. The best part is, it has SPF included with the moisturizer. This moisturizer helps my skin in every way, like moisturizing, skin glowing, no dullness, no sticky skin at all. Also, try to use SPF every day no matter whether you are stepping out or not, SPF is very much important for your skin. After this, I apply a thick layer of lip balm, I am using different chapsticks here, for daytime I use a little tinted one. I use Maybelline’s lip balm in the shade pink, also I started using Plum’s lip balm, the cute packaging with the best fragrance and a little tint. Yes, that’s all about my morning skincare routine.


Night Skincare Routine –

It’s a long long day and very hectic as well with office work. So, I started my night skincare routine by cleansing my face with Cosrx Low Ph Good Morning Cleanser facewash. After that, I take 2 ice cubes and gently rub them on my face. It gives a very cooling sensation, also it feels very relaxing and refreshing after this complete day. Icing helps in eliminating puffiness and helps in healthy skin glow. After icing, I make sure to use a toner here I use Laneige skin creme refiner. The texture is very milky and very light, it gives flawless skin, also hydrates my skin very well. One important thing to add here is, take some gaps while applying products on your face, it will help in working each product very well. I apply a moisturizer and lip balm. At night, I prefer the chapsticks that give proper hydration to my lips, not sticky but some extra moisture. Here for lip balm, I use Vaseline sometimes, or normal lip balm without tint. But trust me, Vaseline works very well on my lips, must try. After this, at last, I use my night gel that my Dermat prescribed. It helps in reducing acne and also fades acne scars and spots.


This is all about my current acne skincare routine. I love trying new products as well so I’ll keep updating you my skincare routines. Whatever product you wanna try, don’t use those products that my Dermat prescribed me without any consultation. That’s all about my skincare I hope you like this.

I love you all!! B, Bye! Stay Safe, Stay Home!!


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