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Hey guys, how you all are doing nowadays? I hope you all are calm as this situation is not like sitting quite at home, as it’s already the month of July and from March we all are at home. But guys, we can’t do anything about it. So let’s just step into today’s discussion, i.e. ACNE. Yes, my beautiful girls, before moving forward with this topic, I just want to add one thing, don’t get stressed just because of acne, don’t feel bad about it. It’s just a normal thing, many of us are dealing with this. I do have acne-prone and super sensitive skin, that’s why I decide to write about my active acne routine, so that you guys can get help and know about some important points to be remembered.

Acne is a skin condition(I will not mention it as a problem, for me it is normal) which includes, whiteheads, blackheads, small patches, pimples, clogged pores. Also, just because of this, the skin looks to be dull and dead skin cells cause a lot of pigmentation on the face.

Journey of My Acne Routine –

Talking about my skin as I already mentioned, I’ve active acne and acne scars as well, because of this my skin is too sensitive and oily. The only thing that I want in my skincare products is Salicylic acid. This is one of the main things that is used to cure acne. It clogs the pores that cause acne and helps in minimizing it. Also, it helps in treating the blackheads, whiteheads. If you’ve acne-prone skin, use the face-wash or cleansers which contain Salicylic acid in it. It helps in reducing your acne and gives a brightening skin. Don’t use any product which contains chemicals. I will recommend you guys to consult a good dermatologist if your skin is very much irritated all the time. It helps in taking proper medication for some period of time, and your acne problem will fade away. Don’t use any kind of face cream for acne or blemishes without the consultation. I will discuss some of the trusted skincare brands that you can try further in this blog.

My first acne breakout was in class 9. When it started, I thought it’s just some pimples, so I didn’t take this that much seriously. After this, I checked and found some pimples on my back too. For the starting period of this acne, I consulted with one of my family doctors, as he told the reason was blood infection and some hormonal changes. After a few days, when I came back from school, I found more red-colored rashes kind of patches on my face just because I was out for at least 1 hour in the hot weather under the sun. Then I and my Dad decided to consult a dermatologist and then my acne journey started. As now I am 20 and it’s been almost 7 years with my active acne till now. I’ve visited several doctors, used several face creams but it didn’t work for a longer period of time. My acne started reducing but after leaving my medicines it will again the same as before. As now, I am far away from my home town, but there as well, I went to several doctors in my city and another city as well.

Now, I live in Chandigarh and it’s been 3 years here. I consulted one of the famous dermatologists in the second year. He told me about my acne issue completely. He mentioned that rather than the active acne, I have the acne scars more. So he prescribed me some medicines and my skincare products according to my face condition. In my skincare products, he recommended a face cleanser(Salicylic acid), one moisturizer(hydrated/water-based), a day cream(for twice a week), a night gel(daily) and he asked me to use a good sunscreen. He didn’t add any toner or any other product. Also, he told me that first, he will give the medications for the acne and after this, he will treat the acne scars. I decided to take this seriously as I was already fed up with a lot of medicines and the different products that I used. He told me that it will take time so you have to be calm. And yes, I am very much thankful to the doctor that he helped me a lot in treating my skin. I left my medicines after completing 6 months and I only used the products. He actually told me that my skin is very sensitive so I’ve to avoid applying makeup on a daily basis. I left with some acne scars at that time but my acne was completely reduced at that time. My skin was quite good for like a year and now again I can face some breakouts on my face. But, is okay as I’ve very bad skin before.

Now, I decided to have a chemical treatment for breakouts and acne scars. I’ve consulted just before the lockdown, they told me about the sessions and recommend a cleanser again contains Salicylic acid. I want to try this treatment as well, already I’ve tried a lot of medications and switched many skincare brands. I’ve taught many people who had already taken the Skin peeling treatment. They gave a good review and also it’s like you are spending 2-3 years on the medications or just try these consultations.

Now I want to discuss the most popular and trendy skincare brands that will help you to heal your skin properly. It will help you in deciding which brand you want to try for your skin.


acne routine

KAYA is an Indian brand that gives a desire to have flawless skin and healthy hair. It has laser technology and the expertise for the treatments and consultations. The best part about this brand is they first consult their customer properly, asked their problems, and provides better treatments. They also tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the particular treatment and gives you proper time. After the consultation, it will be quite easy for you guys to select whether you want the treatment or not. If you are going the first time, then I will suggest booking the appointment online on their website. They will call you and register your details on the website and provide a coupon code. The first consultation will be free of cost. You can go there and consult the doctor first about the treatment you want. Then you can start your treatment there. The one drawback you will face is the sessions you will take are quite expensive so I will suggest to you all, visit the clinic on the days where you can get the discounts as well. Even they have 50% discounts as well. It will be easy for you to have good treatment.


acne routine

MAMAEARTH is also an Indian brand for the skin, hair, and baby products. It is one of the most trendy skincare brands nowadays. Not only girls but boys are also loving the products. These products are chemical-free, free of plastic, paraben-free. I’ve tried many products and currently, I am using MAMAEARTH products. I am using the Onion haircare range for the regrowth and reducing the hair fall problem. I am using the oil, shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. Also for the skincare, I love the C3 face mask, you can try the other face products as well. It has a wide range of products. Also, it is certified for the baby products so it is a good brand for the babies as well. The products are inexpensive in comparison to the other brands. I really like the quantity it contains in just rs. 500. I will highly recommend this brand for the face masks and hair care products.


DERMALOGICA is an international brand which includes the skincare products for every skin type individually. They have a large number of people who love this brand as they have products for different skin types. The products are dermatologically tested and have the option to chat the expertise online about the concern you have. It will give you better treatment at home. Yet, I haven’t used any of the products but I would love to mention this brand as I’ve seen the results. Also, I’ve watched many international fashion bloggers who use the products and actually gives a good result day by day. Guys, no doubt the products are expensive. I would recommend you guys buy one product for the test on your skin according to your skin type. You can try the serum as it is highly recommended by the users I’ve seen.


DERMACO is the skincare and haircare brand which helps in testing the skin first and provides you a good skin-regime. They have a 3 step skin treatment process. The first is to sign in to their website and take the free assessment test which contains all the details regarding the skin-type, they will ask a few things that will suit you or not. After completing the test they will further assign a customized regimen prescribed by a doctor according to the needs of your skin. And the last step is after receiving the products you have to take the 4-6 weeks verification test of the products. This is the good thing in lockdown as it is not possible to visit the dermatologists so it is good to analyze your skin by yourself and get a consultation online itself. Their products will give the results after using them for a longer period of time. As their products are clinically proven, tested by the doctors. They don’t have any chemicals to give instant results. So the only advice I want to give is, try the products for 4-6 weeks at least. I am pretty sure it will give a better result to your skin,

That’s all about my active acne routine and my journey till now. I will definitely update my acne routine after the Skin peeling for sure. I hope it will be quite helpful to all of you. BYE guys! Stay Safe!!


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