Top 5 Popular Niches Quote Personal Blogging To Gain High Organic Traffic


If you are going to start blogging but are not sure about what kind of topic you should select. A relevant and suitable topic for your blog would make it easy for you to gain a lot of traffic and increase your engagement with your content. However, blogging also helps you to make a considerable amount of money for your living. Below is a good topic that might help you start writing blogs as soon as possible.

What is a blog?

A blog is a website that always uploads new content daily, typically written in the form of articles. People over there have these articles as posts. They are always in order, as the latest will be on the top of the list. At the start of blocks, they were written as a piece of personal information and a range of topics people are interested in writing about.

However, the blog still works like this today, but there is a slight change in the selection of topics. Now a lot of users select topics that are relevant and only people are interested in them.

How to make a blog?

First, if you want to start a blog, you just need three important things.

  • Domain name – A domain name is your site’s address that helps open your blog.
  • Web hosting: This online storage helps your user quickly enter your post.
  • A blogging platform – a specific software or website that will help you create your blog. For example, WordPress is one of the free platforms which is easy to access.

Getting a domain name will cost you some amount, but it is necessary if you want to start blogging and earn a decent amount of money from it.

Top blogging niche that will help you to make money

  1. Health and fitness: One of the most trendy and uprisings topics necessary for getting organic traffic in your blog is health and fitness. People often love to read about health tips and fitness tips because keeping a body if it is one of the most important priorities for people today.

In today’s fast-paced life, people are forgetting about doing exercise and keeping themselves fit. So it can be one of the best choices for you to start blogging.

  1. Personal finance: Every person in this world needs money; many are unemployed and want to earn money. However, the most common topic is investing less and saving more. So personal finance topic might be very effective for you to organic traffic on your blog. You can cover many aspects and approaches to financing in your topic.
  • Money saving tips
  • Investing and marketing tips
  • Mortgage and student loan
  • Cost-cutting tips and software
  1. Fashion: Fashion is another popular topic you can select if you want to make more money. Fashion blogs are becoming more and more influential due to social media platforms. Unfortunately, many fashion bloggers focus on a lot of pictures that are shown in their blanks.

Apart from this, you can also start to post about the latest trend and fashions that are going on in the film industry. Moreover, you can describe events like Met Gala and add fashion shows. People love to know about a patient of celebrities or what kind of dresses they wear, so it might help you to drive organic traffic to your blog.

  1. Lifestyle: People often think this is a unique topic to select and do not consider it essential. But they are utterly wrong about it because It is also one of the trendiest topics on the Internet. There are many aspects which changed the people and their living style.

Everyone tries to adopt a luxurious lifestyle. So it would be ideal for you to write on topics related to lifestyle. You can give various information about helping live a luxury lifestyle Without spending extra money. However, you must keep your content relevant.

  1. Technology and gaming: With the advancement of technology, many new technologies are introduced in this world, and people always love to know about them. So providing news and information about technology might help you achieve more audiences to your blog.

Moreover, today there are many online gaming websites for gaming technology that many people use, and some earn a decent amount of money by playing games online. So providing them with a way to earn money from online gaming can be an exciting topic for your blog.

If you need your love to gain a lot of organic traffic, you must follow the given steps. You can take the help of keywords because they are responsible for ranking your search result. Only selecting high-quality keywords as low-quality keywords will result in a low-quality search. Writing blogs without them would not help you to make money faster.


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