How to Remove TAN from your body INSTANTLY!!


The Best Therapy of removing TAN from your body- m caffeine!!

remove tan

How to remove tan with coffee??

Coffee is the main ingredient for our body nowadays, whether it’s a drink or any of your skin care product.
Coffee is good for exfoliating our skin, as it is a good agent. When we are tired of our daily busy schedule, we used to make a black coffee or a regular one, just to freshen up our mind, so that we can do our work with full concentration and dedication as well. Same with this brand, m caffeine consists of the products having coffee as a main ingredient, just like a drink we can remove our tanned and dull skin instantly by using these products. After using it, it feels like HEAVEN, we forget our tired day and just freshened up completely. Let’s discuss how to remove tan with some coffee based products –

m caffeine is one of the fastest growing skincare brand with a perfect result in just one go! This is India’s first caffeinated personal care brand.Talking about their products, All are paraben free, SLS free, cruelty free and have no side effects.
m caffeine uses pure natural ARABIC coffee.

Coming on the packaging of products, it’s just a WOW feel!! The way these products are packed is like a complete bunch of QUALITY and QUANTITY. They have their separate products as well as kits and combos.
Now let’s talk about their deep body polishing kit, that is good for removing tan as well as to heal the dead skin. It’s something like, HAVING a SPA at HOME!!

Body Polishing Kit-

It contains two products i.e. Body scrub and Body Butter. Body Scrub is made of naked and raw coffee. It smells like a pure coffee, mixed with coconut oil, and gives instant result with a perfectly moisturized body. It is a complete body polish thing. It exfoliates the skin completely and helps to remove the tan and dead skin. Also, it improves our blood circulation.

remove tan

How to Use Body Scrub to remove tan:-

  • Gently scrub in circular motions for a few minutes, focusing more on knees, elbows and neck.
  • Rinse with water.
  • Use it twice a week for removing the tan properly.
  • It results in brighter skin.

How to Use Body Butter to remove tan:

Body Butter consists of cocoa powder with coffee and coconut oil. It nourishes our skin with a full glow. After exfoliating our skin with BODY SCRUB, apply body butter. It smoothens our skin and freshens up completely. It helps our skin in deep conditioning as well as a complete polish like SPA. This body butter is infused with ingredients like Cocoa Butter and Caramel that helps to elevate your senses. Cocoa butter repairs the skin damage reduces stretch marks and scars. After a long day, add this soothing emollient to your evenings and experience deep moisturization that your body needs. 

  • Apply Body Butter to your skin directly after scrub.
  • Don’t take it in excess, as it will feel greasy.
  • Remember, apply more on dull and tanned areas, for better results.
  • Massage it properly, so that it will absorb completely and gives a shiny texture to your body.
remove tan

Here, I want to add a quick diy coffee scrub, though it will not give exact same results. But, if you have finished the body scrub, you can try this. All you need to take is, 1 teaspoon coffee, 1 teaspoon sugar, half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix them properly and your diy body scrub is ready.

So, this is all about the product by mcaffeine, which actually has great reviews from the customers. I will highly recommend you guys to just give it a try. Even they have launched the other body products for the brightening and glowing texture of the skin.


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