Skin Care – 5 Secrets for a Glowing Skin


Earlier, glowing skin was only a woman’s top priority, but now those days are gone. Nowadays, every person strives for radiant, glowing skin. However, everyone engulfed in hectic schedules, bad sleeping habits, pollution and irregular diet-taking habits. These factors prevent a person from achieving that smooth and flawless skin.

It is easy to achieve that radiant and flawless skin. You can easily achieve that healthy glowing skin by improving your diet and lifestyle. To get healthy skin, consistently focus on a healthy diet, exercise and try to keep your body as hydrated as possible.

1. Factors Influencing Skin Health

Every person’s skin is of different types; some have oily skin, some have dry skin, and others have combination skin. However, their skin type and skin health depend on a variety of factors:

· Genetics

Many people have dry skin because of their genetics. Many dry skin diseases like atopic dramatis are because by genetic problems.

· Hormones

An imbalance in the body’s hormones can stimulate acne and breakouts on a person’s face. All people face this misbalancing of hormones during puberty or pregnancy time.

· Medications

If a person is already suffering from any severe disease and takes medications, it could impact their skin health.

· Environment

Sun’s harmful UV (Ultra Violet) rays adversely affect the skin by damaging and opening the skin’s pores. In addition, other environmental conditions like hot temperatures, pollution, and dry air also harm the skin.

· Behaviour Towards the Skin

A person’s dieting and sleeping habits influence the skin’s health. Also, the cosmetics products that a person uses daily impact the skin.

Control of all these factors is not possible, but there are some factors that a person can improve to achieve glowing skin. If a person tries to improve some behavioural factors, they will start seeing the changes in their skin.

2. Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is one of the crucial aspects of taking care of your skin. Exposure to the rays of sun can cause many skin problems like wrinkles, dark spots and many more. Also, lifetime exposure to the sun increases the risk of skin cancer. So, to completely protect your skin from the sun, follow up these steps:

· Never Forget to Apply Sunscreen

Remember to apply sunscreen when you are leaving home. You should generously apply the sunscreen for the first time and then apply it again every two hours. Look for a sunscreen with broad spectrum protection, water resistance and an SPF of 30 or higher.

· Avoid Seek Shade

Always try to avoid the sun between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. because at that time rays of the sun are strongest. Cover your face with a woven cloth if you are going out between these times. Also, wear long sleeve shirts, full pants and hats to protect other body parts.

3. Don’t Smoke

Smoking regularly has adverse impacts on the skin. For example, it makes the skin look older. Smoking also harms our health as it narrows the tiny blood vessels in the body. This leads to decreased blood flow, and the skin looks more yellow and pale.

Smoking also damages the other fibres in the body, like collagen and elastin, which strengthens the skin. Moreover, the facial expressions made while smoking can lead to wrinkles on your skin. If you are a regular smoker, then quitting smoking is the best way to protect your skin.

4. Treating Skin Gently

Constant shaving and cleansing can harm your skin. So, to get glowing skin, you need to treat your skin very gently. To keep it gentle, follow these steps:

· Limit Bathing Time

Long hot water showers can remove the necessary oils from the skin. So limit your bathing time and use lukewarm water, not hot water.

· Avoiding Harsh Soaps

Strong ad harsh soaps and body washes can also strip off the necessary oils from the skin. So, always choose mild soaps and cleansers with natural ingredients like turmeric, aloe gel, etc.

· Shave Carefully

Always apply shaving cream before shaving to protect your skin from shaving cuts. Also, remember to apply moisturizer after shaving, as shaving dries the skin.

· Pat Dry

After a shower, gently dry or pat your skin to keep the moisture intact.

· Moisturize the Skin

Never skip the moisturizer if you want to keep your skin healthy. Instead, choose a moisturizer according to skin type. It means that if your skin is dry, use a cream-based moisturizer; if it is oily, apply a water-based moisturizer.

5. Eating a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy food is key to attaining that picture-perfect glowing skin. Start eating a protein-rich diet which contains a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. In addition, some researches show that a diet rich in supplements of fish oil or fish oil helps keep the skin healthier. Also, drink 8-9 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated.


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