5 Steps On How To Start Your Health-Related Personal Blog


It is evident how easy it is to start a blog. And no one can deny that starting writing a blog is simple enough. But it won’t be necessary that you will get success after posting logs because of less guidance you have received. But to give you the right direction, you should know everything about starting a health blog. So below is a brief guide on how to make a personal blog.

Choose your health blog niche.

One of the most important things while writing a blog is to be highly specific about a topic you select. The topic’s chances of getting an audience are much higher in more niches. You can cover many topics in health blogging, some of which are mentioned below.

  1. Physical health: Physical activities are not only about engaging in activities that help you keep fit. But they also include activities that help you to keep your body at an optimum level of health. Educating your audience about proper diet and nutrition intake practices would be ideal for these topics.
  2. Social Wellness: This topic includes people’s social life and how much they are engaged with the environment and people. Giving them a specific environmental health topic will give your audience a purpose to help their surroundings and atmosphere. They will also understand the importance of social Wellness.
  3. Emotional Wellness: Emotional Wellness is also important for physical health. These topics include the mental Wellness of any individual, Such as stress, anxiety, shortcoming, and other emotional stress.
  4. Spiritual Wellness: Spiritual Wellness is about the purpose of life. This is all about balancing life between the challenges you face daily. Make a blog that helps them to build their attitudes. Apart from this, also motivates toward them it also motivates them to build positive energy toward their life goal.

Create your brand name

This is one of the most important aspects that you should take care of properly because once you have created the name of your website; you will never be able to change it. Therefore, make sure that while choosing a domain name, you must choose a relevant name that helps your readers to get an idea about your topic. Below is some example that will help you to select a better domain name.

  • Fitness club
  • Social connectivity
  • Balance and work
  • Soul empowerment

Your brand name is important because it will make your brand name important. After all, it will give your readers a glimpse of what you will explain in your topic. Unfortunately, some people start giving irrelevant topics, but later they decide to fix the topic. So it is suggested that select You should choose your domain name wisely.

Install a website that allows you to write a blog

People always look for something which is free, and many websites provide 100% free to post a blog. The most popular platform is word press. It is 100% free and allows you to use plugins for extra functionality. Then, doctor selecting a good hosting service, you can install WordPress.

After installing WordPress, you must select different health and wellness themes. However, it is not easy to select a better theme. It might take a little bit of time to uncover it.

  • First, you must decide what feature you will be needed on your blog. Then, ensure that you only choose what is necessary and avoid anything extra.
  • The low feature will provide high speed and performance to your blog
  • Color must be smooth if people are going to read them
  • Choose a font that is easy to read
  • Complete your keyword research

You were very important for your blogs to show up in results. Word choice of keyword will result in the ranking of your article. You can choose keywords related to health and Wellness because you are going to provide them with a topical related to health. For example, good sleep, meditation, mindful peace, or some good keywords that relate to your topic.

Monetize your blog

One of the biggest reasons why everyone wants to be a Blogger is to earn a considerable amount of money. So everyone must monetize their blog. You can earn through various features such as

  • Display ads
  • Artificial marketing
  • Selling e-books
  • E-mail marketing
  • Acquiring sponsorships

These are the few steps that are necessary to build a good-quality blog. It can be a good source of income for many people. But ensure that you only write useful content that people would like to read. The more the quality of your topic and content, the more people will try to read it. A perfect editing and perfect quality selection of background and many things can help you gain a lot of organic traffic.


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