How to Take Care of Your Skin in Cities with a High Level of Pollution?


Living in a polluted city, you must have felt problems like dull skin and black spots. This is because the more pollution, the harder skin cells can breathe, leading to the problem of clogging pores. Skin also becomes irritated and rough due to it. Due to the combination of harmful UV light and pollutant particles, you may also have dark spots, wrinkles, scalp skin damage, etc.

Pollution arises in a city due to smoking, chimneys, and particulate matter from factories, and automobiles, which lead to an increase of particulate matter and some harmful gases in the air like NO2, SO2, CO2, etc. these gases also increase the temperature of the earth which have adverse effects on your skin. So there are many things you need to do to prevent your skin from further damage and recover from it.

Cover face

If your city is suffering from air pollution, you must have read it in the newspaper. So if you are aware, prevention would be your best option if you want to avoid skin damage. You could cover your face with a fine and soft cloth before leaving your house. It would help if you tried to cover every single part of your face, giving you the maximum protection possible.

It would be best to cover your mouth and nose with masks. This will help you from protecting your lungs and inner skin from polluting particles. This way of prevention is very effective in prevention according to a study.

Cleanse your face regularly

  • This is also one of the best preventive measures to avoid air pollution complications. Dust and pollutant particles tend to attach to the surface of your skin, clogging your cells. But this could be avoided if you scrub your face regularly and adequately.
  • You should clean it 2-3 times a day for 1-2 min each time with a charcoal-based face wash which will help to adsorb any harmful pollutants.
  • Try to remove your makeup before scrubbing your face, which will improve results. You may use any moisturizer on the skin after rinsing it.
  • It will indeed heal you from any effects of pollution or dust particles. Moreover, it will give you a feeling of freshness after a long and hard-working day.

Drink enough water

According to thousands of surveys, it has been proved that water can improve your skin quality and provide freshness to it. It will help you to remove any sagging caused by the pollutant particles, and your body will flush out the toxins and give you a natural glow. Moreover, it may also reduce dark spots, wrinkles, and any pimples or acne on your skin caused by these particles. In addition, you will feel your skin moisturized every time you touch it if you provide your body with enough drinking water.

For good and healthy skin, you should drink about 6-8 glasses of water every day. It will help pH control skin and protect you from any harmful effects of pollution. Also, it will improve your metabolism, ultimately leading to good health.

Provide nourishment to the skin

Skin is a soft and delicate portion of the body exposed to the outer environment. This is why it needs constant care and nourishment, protecting it from harmful particles if you live in a polluted city. You will also provide your skin with the perfect texture with proper nourishment.

You can use different products for it, including cocoa butter and olive oil with vitamin E and other protective antioxidants. This will help your skin regenerate any dead tissue, which will automatically improve and protect the skin. You may also use milk, turmeric paste, aloe and many more such products to prevent any damage from pollution.

Face packs

Face packs are used to remove black spots on the skin and also make the skin smooth. You can also make a natural face mask at home or rub papaya on the skin for about 1 minute to get the results, as it contains some catalytic properties to remove black spots. Some chocolate packs also remove harmful effects of pollutants, which contain antioxidants that filter out toxins and produce a natural glow on your skin.

Night skin therapy

The best recovery period is at night time after sleeping. You can use night creams containing Vitamin C and Opsin to give you skin night therapy needs for recovery. It will also protect you the next day and detoxify your skin.

Living in a polluted city can become hell for your skin, and you may lose your natural skin permanently, which may be covered with these scars. But with the preventions mentioned above, you can protect your skin from any damage from pollutant particles. So help your skin to get protected from these effects of pollution.


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