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It’s the month of December, full of joy, a lot of celebrations and a great ending of the year. We used to decorate our home according to the festivals, and right now Christmas and New Year are on demand. Christmas is all about prayers, the birthday of Jesus, gifts, a lot of fun, and of course Santa. This is primarily observed by a religious celebration around the world. There are many ways to decorate the home for Christmas, let’s discuss all these things-

You can decorate Christmas tree according to your theme, like with some white – red combination, or some vibrant colors. It should look attractive, don’t mix a lot of colors so it looks messy. Some basic colors are white, red, golden, silver, green(darker shade). You can add your ornaments that you’ve collected every year, it will become so memorable. Also, it is possible to add some wishes on the tree that you want to fulfill. By doing so, it will help you in completing all your wishes and a great life ahead.

For lightening the house, the best way is to decorate similar, as the tree. It will highlight your house and will give a beauteous look. Lights make everything brighter the before, it gives a positive vibe in ourselves that we have a great time with our family, and will bright our future always. Lightening the house is the most important thing that you should do first while decorating.

Also, for the guests or family members, you can make Christmas cookies as well. It will help in spreading a Christmas vibes among all of them. You can add colors to your cookies and different shapes, like tree, rain deer, Santa Claus, gifts and many more. Cookies add something extra and yes a delicious mouth – watering eatables. It helps in giving a return gift as well to your guests. All you need to do is wrap the cookies in some good packaging and make a gift hamper with some additional things as well.

It feels reinvigorate when you got a fragrance of different flavors like rose, lavender, some sort of essential oils. This can be done by lighting up the scented candles in your home. Not only, it will a Christmas vibe but also helps in changing the complete desire. You can add candles for the decoration as well, here you can use floating candles by putting into the water in a jar. Also, you can write the tags, like family or Merry Christmas by placing the candles in the form of alphabets and yes it will look amazing.

Adding a theme gives a complete climate of the festival. You can wear similar clothes for the celebration. It will look tremendous and helps in increasing the enthusiasm among the people for the celebration.

Celebrate all the days of life as a festival. It will be full of lights, decorations, new stuff, good food, a great bond among people and yes a happy life!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all !!


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