Tips To Camp With Perfection In Rainy Season


Do not let the rain ruin all your plans of camping outdoors because, with the help of few tips, you will be able to camp with perfection in the rainy season. However, rain even adds a lot of fun and excitement, So having a few raindrops would not be a bad idea while camping. However, be prepared to have fun and take all the necessary precautions before heading out camping.

The more challenging outing, the more exciting it would be. It is a fact, and with the help of proper equipment, you can make your camping never forgettable experience.

Be ready to get wet

Whenever camping outside in the rainy season, the most common thing a person has to face is getting wet, and they should be ready for every piece of gear. It is always effective to prepare for the worst condition before even rain hits your place. Bringing up synthetic stuff will ensure that you stay dry and warm throughout your trip. Be confident and always stay positive and ready to enjoy your adventurous trip.

Choose the right spot.

Before deciding to pitch your tent, you need to choose a better location. Checking the location and its surroundings properly is recommended. There are a few things you should avoid while checking your location.

  • Make sure to avoid slopes, soft ground, and depression land area
  • Check whether the area has been flooded in the past or not
  • Do not ever try to camp under large trees or trees with large branches

Take your tarps and tents along with you

One of the necessary things in the rainy season is to take a waterproof tarp shelter with you. It can be an effective tool against rain and cold wind. You must carry at least two tarps. One is to pitch on your tent, and the other you can use at the place where you are going to sit around, rest, play indoor activities, and many more things. With the help of a tarp, you can enjoy the whole view whenever rain comes, and most people like to watch the beautiful view of rain during camping. Nobody wants to sit inside just to stay dry in beautiful weather.

A ventilation system is another mandatory thing because it effectively avoids condensation inside your tent. Tarps knew for providing you with rain sinking without having windows in the tent. Using waterproof groundsheet would be an ideal option because it can help protect your tent from tears while camping, and it will not be turned or punctured by sticks and rocks.

It can be effectively used to protect your tent from running water as it will not let them come in direct contact with your tent.

Pack some morale builders

In many cases, it has been seen that people, whenever they go on camping in the rainy season, they have to wait for the rain to stop. With the help of things like some indoor games, it can be handy for you to pass your time, especially when you come camping with your family or friends. Using other activities to pass the time until the rain stops would be perfect for spending time with your kids.

Take necessary equipment

Your safety is 100% in your hand, so preparing for the worst time would be a good option so that you can easily enjoy camping without worrying about weather changes or anything else. Some important items are as follows.

  • Warm clothes
  • Raincoat
  • Gloves
  • Rain ponchos
  • Some old clothes so that you can use them for mopping up water
  • Plastic bags
  • Firestarter

These are a few things that might be necessary whenever you are stuck inside your tent, or you have to wait for a longer period until the rain stop. Adding backup food to your basket would be an ideal option to survive in a crisis.

Collect water from the rain

To enjoy the excitement and thrilling adventure during your camping. Do not keep your voter with you because it would be fun if you collected water by yourself from the rain. You can do many things, such as putting a water bottle outside your tent so that it would automatically fill with the help of rainwater.

Use the stretched corner of the tarp to create a funnel for your water bottle for the cooking pot. There are a few precautions that you should take while collecting water. Do not use water that directly slides down from the branches of trees or rocks because it can be dangerous to drink.


Camping is a popular activity among people, and if you plan camping in the rainy season, it will make your whole experience adventurous. With the help of the above tips, you will be able to make your camping unforgettable.


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