Tips To Clean Your Expensive Carpets With Perfection


Expensive carpets are often hard to wash or clean because they are made of high-quality material and cannot be compromised with simple washing or cleaning. However, they are often essential for designing the interior of your house by covering every floor with them. Having a carpet makes your space look and feel different than it was before.

It is not possible to clean them more frequent or regularly. However, you need to apply the correct method; otherwise, you can harm your carpet’s longevity and the quality of the material.

Know the material of your carpet or area rug

The first thing to do before cleaning a carpet is to determine what material it is made up of. There are many materials by which carpets are made, but expensive carpets are open and made up of some superior materials, and their traits will help you to identify them.

  1. Material – Most carpets and expensive rugs are often made up of materials such as wool, silk, nylon, polyester, olefin, cotton, fibre and viscous. They often provide a unique mix of appearance and durability according to their materialistic quality. Cleaning them is very easy and almost identical in every material.
  2. Football or usage – You need to know the amount of footfall the carpet experience because it plays a critical role in determining its overall life. The maintenance would be more frequent if the footfall is higher on your carpet or rug. If you have a dog or cat as a pet in your house, then your schedule might vary according to usage.
  3. Outdoor carpets or rugs – Most carpets are used for indoor purposes. Still, some carpets are specially designed for outdoor use and are made of synthetic materials like nylon or polypropylene. So, they need an extreme maintenance spectrum but require less effort to clean.

Cleaning of carpets made-up of material except for shag, wool, silk and viscose fabric.

The below things are not to apply to the above material because they can easily damage them while cleaning them because they are sensitive materials and cannot be washed like others.

Step #1 – Test the sample on the rug because it is crucial to check if your rug leaves colour behind. You can test it on the corners of the rug so the whole carpet won’t get damaged during the wash. The wool-safe shampoo is one of the best shampoos you can use for their wash. However, high-quality or colourfast carpets usually do not stain and bleed colours. So, their testing is essential, and it is a must in handwoven or vintage carpets.

Step #2 – Host the carpet at a lower pressure and ensure you wet it entirely.

Step #3 – Mix the wool-safe shampoo properly by following the simple instructions given on the shampoo’s packaging.

Step #4 – Apply the shampoo mix, and using a brush would be ideal for ensuring deep absorption.

Step #5 – Let the carpets 10 – 12 minutes per the given instruction on the shampoo bottle.

Step #6 – Increase the hose pressure and start rinsing the carpet completely

Step #7 – Use mild pressure to remove excess water that is still in the carpet, or you can also use Viper to shovel water away from your carpet.

Step #8 – Just like clothes, you must hang your carpet so that it can dry thoroughly and flip it a couple of times during the day so that every side can dry it. If you have a rich-coloured carpet, you should not put it under direct sunlight for a very long period. A little sunlight would be an ideal option, or you can exclude this process.

Step #9 – Vacuum the carpet so that the fibre and softness of your rug come back.

Cleaning shag, wool and viscous carpets

These carpets cannot be cleaned by water, and you do not want them to get wet. They can absorb a lot of water and become very difficult to dry. So, water is a complete no to this type of material and may also turn yellow. A dry cleaning method would be a perfect choice for these carpet materials.

If you cannot process a dry clean add your home, you can also take the help of professionals if you don’t want your carpet to get damaged. You can use two different methods vacuum with a beater and shampoo detergent to clean them.

High-quality material carpets often require high maintenance. However, it is utterly dependent on corporate use. If carpet is used heavily, Then maintenance might be higher, and if it is used low, then maintenance is also less. Make sure you do not perform a dry clean by yourself to save a few bucks because once a carpet is damaged, it cannot be restored, so it would be ideal for you to hire a professional to clean some high-quality carpets.


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