Tips To Keep Your Bridal Outfits Always Fresh


All the brides want to look like a queen on their wedding day. So they choose beautiful dresses along with matching shoes and heels. Not only bridal outfit, but it is also time for the bride to select the other best outfit to wear after and during the wedding. You may have purchased the most expensive and elegant lehenga for yourself to look like a princess. But after the wedding, you have to keep it safe and fresh to keep your wedding memories last longing for a long time.

Not only does keeping it in your wardrobe by wrapping it around won’t work, but you need to take good care of your dress after the ceremony. When you wrap the outfit without taking care of it, it may destroy after some time. The fabric and embroidery done are so delicate that they may spoil when you take it out after some time. Not only are your wedding lehengas there are also many dresses that you may have purchased for the reception party or any other occasion. The most valuable thing is your wedding jewellery also should be stored properly.

However, we have some tips for storing your wedding outfit and jewellery. You can have a look at these tips if you are a new bride and want to keep your business and other accessories with care:

  • Send Your Outfits For Dry Cleaning

 The first and the most important step is giving you a lehenga and another outfit for dry cleaning. Sometimes a bride doesn’t know that her lehenga is getting dirty with food spilt on or when she is walking, and her lehenga catches the dirt on the ground. So the first step is to make sure that it is clean.

You can give your outfit to the dry cleaner as they will remove all the dirt from your dream dress. You should not delay giving your business to the cleaners because the chances of stains and spots will get permanent, especially the sweat marks. With the help of dry cleaning, the dress’s colour becomes stronger and prevents it from discolouration in the future.

  • Ironing

 After dry cleaning, you must also give your lehenga and another outfit for the ironing. Ironing makes the clothes pressed as you can easily store them in a small place. Ironing of your business makes their life double. If you want to wear them after a long time, you can take them out with care, and they will look more than new. You can give your outfit to the ironing store so that they will remove all the creases from the clothes nicely and not let the already creases destroyed.

If you want to iron your outfit at home, you need to remember that the iron temperature must be low. There are many options on the iron; you can choose the temperature according to the fabric. It would help if you also turned your lehenga inside out. Before starting ironing, you must do a small patch test. If you see any damage, then you must stop.

  • Fold in layers

 Keep your clothes and heavy sarees and other dresses folded in layers. When you do that, the longevity of your attire will be maintained, and you can keep as many clothes with them. Keeping the clothes in a pile will make them look organized in the wardrobe. There won’t be any creases on the clothes. If you want to wear the clothes after some time, you can also wear them in comfort if you are in a hurry.

Keeping them organized and folded correctly does not destroy the clothes ‘ embroidery and fabric. Sometimes you also hang your clothes, but this doesn’t seem right. You can turn the everyday clothes you will wear after every one or two days. But if you hang your heavy dresses, they will easily catch the dust and dirt, so it would be safer for you to pile and layer them in sequence.

  • Storage Temperature

 When you store your outfits, you must remember that you should hold the garments in a cool place. If you keep your businesses at the right temperature, then the work and embroidery on the outfit will not get destroyed. Sometimes, when you hold the jewellery and clothes in a place where they do not get air or sunlight, they must lose their colour or get destroyed due to the lack of air.

You must take your clothes out and keep them in the sun whenever you get some time. So that the sunlight will protect your outfit from the invisible germs and smell this way, your business will look fresh as new when you want to wear it any time without any odour and germs. The fabrics need some air to keep them fresh after some time. It would help if you chose the area with a dry and storage place and an average temperature room.


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