Trendy Makeup Hacks That Every Girl Should Know !!


Hey, you all!! I’m back with some must need some trendy makeup hacks for the current situation like we all know taking care of each and everything can save the lives from this pandemic. The most important thing is to clean your surroundings properly, that’s it. As, online services are back again with proper precautions, but we’ve to be more careful as cases are increasing day by day. So, let’s discuss something about the makeup hacks that are very useful for the current situation and some hacks that every girl should know –

So, the first thing is to clean your makeup tools properly. I do this twice a month. It depends, how much you use them. Keep them clean so that you can use the clean brushes. All you can do is, just take some dish wash and dilute it with some water. Take all the brushes, sponges, and put them into the solution for 5-10 minutes. After that wash them properly.

Whether you buy a lot of makeup stuff or just a lipstick or something else. Keep one thing in your mind, just open that parcel after 24 hours and keep that somewhere outside. Sanitize the parcel properly, then take out all the products. Wipe them off properly with the tissue and then use them. This is the most important hack nowadays, so don’t forget this. (Try to buy the essential things if possible)

Trendy Makeup Hacks -One of the must products!!

Vaseline is the savior of the body for me. Usually, I use Vaseline on my lips but for some dry areas like elbows or knees, I use Vaseline. This product is the best among every product for nourishment. I apply Vaseline on my lips all the time, like seriously. This can help you to protect from chapped lips and gives a good texture. You can use Vaseline to heal your dry feet. To keep your perfume long, just apply some Vaseline on your hands and neck area, and yes you are good to go. It will not fade the fragrance of your perfume.

trendy makeup hacks

For the everyday makeup routine, I will suggest one thing, don’t apply foundation daily. It can make your skin dull and you can’t step out from home without foundation. All you need to do is, just apply some moisturizer and then apply the concealer. It helps in hiding the spots and gives a fresh look to the face. It doesn’t look cakey at all. Then set your face with the loose powder. That’s all for everyday makeup. This hack works very well. Also, if you don’t want to use concealer you can set your face with loose powder only after applying moisturizer. It will also help you in setting your face for the day.

This hack is very much useful for the oily skin-type girls. Oily skin extracts a lot of oil which makes your face very dull, and oily at the same time as if you are wearing makeup. All you need to do is just take some blotting paper(easily available or you can use normal tissue as well) and cut then into pieces according to your need, and keep them in the separate pouch. Whenever you feel like very much oily, just take the blotting/tissue paper and dab on the face carefully to clean the oily area(Remember you don’t have to go too harsh). After that, set your face with the loose powder and yes, that’s it!!

As we all know it’s lockdown everywhere, we can’t go out so try to use less makeup as much as you can. Sometimes, you’ve to attend some meetings then you can apply makeup as per your need. It can help to store the drugstore products for the longest time so that there is no need to purchase them. Also, it will help in improving your natural skin.

When you apply the lipstick, just try this hack for the perfect application. After applying lipstick, put your finger in the mouth, and drag it out. It will clean the extra lipstick around your inner lip area so that the teeth will not be dirty or the lip lines. Also, before applying the lip shade, apply concealer, then outline the lips with lip-liner and then apply the lip shade of your choice.

For curling your lashes, take your hairdryer and blow-dry the lash curler a little bit(not very hot). Then curl your lashes with the curler it will naturally volumize the lashes and give a natural look.

I hope you like these hacks, even the most important I can say is stay at home guys. This time is very crucial, we all have to deal with it. Thank You all!!


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