Unpack with Me – I stayed for 1 week in Manali!


Weekend gateways are quite interesting to calm yourself and to give a break from work life. And for 1-2 days I usually keep 2 pair of comfy clothes, 1 pair casual outfit and that’s it. But as if you’re planning for a week or more trips, then you’ve to think what to take with you and how much luggage you can carry with you. I visited mountains for 1 week and omg that trip was so different and so amazing. So, I was unpacking my stuff and I thought why not let’s just unpack with you guys. I wanna share all the stuff that I took with me and how much luggage I took there. So let’s just begin with the clothing –

What to wear is the most important topic whenever we plan to go out as I am fond of pictures, videos and I am so particular about each n every detail of my outfit. I’ve carried some essentials as well that I will share below. But first, let’s talk about the overcoats and blazers.

I think everyone of you can relate to this that we should keep one overcoat of basic color(Black, Beige, Grey/White) for sure. It will help you in styling your outfit so gracefully and it will look insane. The color combination and the material we are wearing is quite important. I’ll share some pictures for the reference that you can purchase something similar. Overcoats can be styled with high-neck tops, camy tops, and with dresses you can also style the overcoats, this one is personally too cute and elegant at the same time.

Talking about the bottoms, I usually keep two pair of jeans(black and blue), I can style them with anything so it will help me to cut down a lot of clothes and keep basic ones to add the fusion with different styles. I styled black bottoms with white top and overcoat. This outfit is too comfy and easy to style up. Just one overcoat and a pair of jeans can change the game of your outfit and you can make your outfit more fun.

At last, few clothing items I wanna share with you guys that you can carry with you on mountains, a comfy yet warm PJ set, some extra pair of socks(stocking if you need), a warm cap and gloves, a cozy scarf/shawl(obviously for pictures) and some warmers(if you’re planning to go in winters). I think that’s all about the clothing stuff that I carried with me.

Footwear –

It’s quite difficult to explain that wearing heels is difficult and we girls know that, but at the same time we carry heels for pictures(haha). Footwear that I carried with me was 3 pairs, one was heeled boots(for pictures and short walk), sport shoes(it’s a must, you’ve to carry, trust me these are the saviours), and one over the knee boots(in black). Sport Shoes are must there if you don’t wanna carry 2-3 pairs. Sport shoes will help you to walk in snow as well. With fashion, I’ve to be more concerned  about my body parts.

Skincare  and Makeup –

I usually keep my skincare minimal and totally sticked to that while I’m travelling. I keep my stuff in different pouches to keep it organised at the same time. I carry my skincare products that I use in my daily routine. I do have 5-6 steps of skincare routines. It includes my cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye cream, serums(for acne), lip balm. This routine helps me in cleaning my skin from all  skin barriers. I will upload my updated skincare routine on my youtube channel, so subscribe to my channel guys.

For makeup, I wanna confess one thing here, I’m more of a skincare girl, than makeup so I do have a very basic makeup routine that I follow. For the makeup essentials, I always carry a mascara, blush, highlighter, and 2-3 lip shades. I loved how my skin was doing great there on mountains.

What to carry in your Tote Bag(HandBag) – 

Now, this is something personal and important to talk about. I carry a tote bag with me everyday, where ever I travel or I go even for a day out. I keep each n everything in my bag that totally describes me. Here’s the list of all my stuff that I carry with me all the time –

  • Phone Charger
  • Sanitizer
  • Lots of gummies (chewing gum)
  • My Journal
  • One Extra Notebook(to write something)
  • A bluetooth speaker
  • Chapstick and Lip Shades
  • Deodrant
  • Extra Earrings(for sudden plan change)
  • Coin Pouch
  • Card Holder
  • A book(self-help, poetries, business)
  • My eyeglasses and Shades.
  • Wet wipes.

That’s all about my stuff that I carried with me on mountains. I’m gonna add few essentials to carry on mountains so make sure to check all the things before going there.

Essentials for mountains –

  • Body Warmer
  • Warm cap and gloves
  • Book your stay via Airbnb for amazing and memorable stay.
  • Try local food there(specially sidu)
  • Ask the locals there about hidden places(waterfalls, views, etc.)
  •  Avoid travelling in heavy snow.

I hope you like all the information about my trip and I really love to share everything with you guys. If you want any information you can connect with me on Instagram and Youtube. Till then B Bye guys!

XoXo ❤️




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