What Happen When You Don’t Take Proper Care Of Hair? Discuss In Detail


When you don’t care proper care of your hair then, it will start damaging and cause dryness, hair fall dullness, and dandruff. Maintaining a hair care routine is very important, just like your skin care regimen. If you want to keep your hair healthy and free from infection, bacteria, and greasiness, then you need to improve the quality of your hair texture. there are so many individuals who are unaware of the type and scalp of their hair.

Important things to know further

Before you step into any kind of hair care regimen, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind for following a hair care routine and treatment.

  • The very first thing is to determine your hair type, such as straight hair. Straight hair comes in the category which is different from everywhere, and it doesn’t contain any kind of Curl.
  • This type of hair is flat from the shaft and contains a soft and silky texture. Usually, the straight hair type comes with an oily scalp, which is greasy.
  • The next type of hair type is WAVY hair which comes between straight and curly hair. It consists of big curls and is also rough in texture. It will become difficult to hold any kind of hairstyle in WAVY hair because it is a combination of straight and curly hair.
  • If you choose a hair type that comes with prominent girls, it is called curly hair. This type of hair is dry and frizzy because it is different from straight hair. In curly hair, there are three basic categories: loose Curl, medium curls, and tight curls.
  • Now we will be talking about Coyly hairs. This type of hair is called African American hair which comes with tight Curls. Certain factors might affect your hair, so to prevent them from breakage and raisins, you need to keep them hydrated. For this, you can apply oil to your hair because it will help remove your hair’s dirt and pollution.
  • You can cure dandruff and dryness from your hair by applying oil to your scalp. Now the next option is to choose the hair type by using a straightener so that it will not become greasy and you can easily wash them.
  • Lifestyle plays a very important role, and you need to exercise regularly to keep your hair and scalp healthy. You also need to protect your hair from sweat elements and wash it after every 2 to 3 days. Now you will read about a recommended hair care routine that will help you provide proper nourishment according to your hair type.

Guidance for taking care of straight hair

For straight hair, you need to use a shampoo that is free from paraben and sulphate because it will help you to remove all the excessive oil and dirt from your hair scalp. Also, certain products help manage scalp levels, such as using natural oil and washing your hair after 2 to 3 days. You can also use a light conditioner that will not become heavy on your hair or scalp.

The conditioner must contain special oil such as coconut and jojoba. You can apply conditioner on the hair shaft and try to avoid applying it on the roads otherwise, and it will result in breakage and dandruff. For WAVY hair, you can do a lot of experiments on your hair and avoid washing it after one day. These hair types are quite dry as you can wash them after 3 to 4 days by using a sulphate-free shampoo or a shampoo specially designed for WAVY hair types.

What to use on hair for proper nourishment?

To nourish this hair, you can use an oil massage to provide hydration to your scalp and hair. You can also apply a conditioner that will keep your hair straight and nearest bell. Make sure that you will apply all these things prominently on damp hair so that it will make your hair bouncier and gives proper nourishment.

Hair care regimen for curly hair type

When we talk about the hair care regimen for curly hair, then you need to use a sulphate-free shampoo that contains essential oils and protects your hair from drying and fizziness. In this type of hair type, conditioner plays a very important role in providing complete nourishment and keeping your hair freeze free. Now we will be discussing some journal tips for every hair dyed, no matter if it is curly, straight, or WAVY.

Using a hair band

You can also use hair bands for flaunting your hair but make sure that the head ties and bands which you are using will be made with soft fabric. It will become beneficial for you to use a hair wrap made with cotton clothes or an old tee shirt to dry your hair completely.


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