What Should You Do To Protect Your Hair?


Caring for hair is everyone’s dream which they see during the day or at night. Having a good look at your hair is always the priority of every individual because if a person has good quality hair, the other person is already impressed by you. Hairs are the most precious part of our body as they tell us about people’s personalities.

As we have seen from ancient times, everyone is taking care of the hair as they give their hundred per cent to take care of the hair. It shows the people’s personality as they will develop their dress sense according to the hairstyling.

There are many things to protect your hair from the dust and pollution and promote the internal growth as well:-

Use a scarf when you go outside.

  • This is the first thing that you should always use when going for an outing, and you will protect your hair from the pollution that is causing the side effects to the hair.
  • If you are doing the duty, you should always use a rubber band to protect your hair from the dust that inherits your hair while travelling from one place to another.
  • To protect your hair from pollution or dust, you should always tie a bun or a scarf so that your hair does not have pollutants.

Use oil before washing.

  • When you think that you want to wash your hair, then make sure that you take a massage on your scalp, which helps promote hair growth and gives you the strength to your hair.
  • Before every wash, you should apply this remedy to solve the problems your hair is causing. If you have low-quality hair, then it is mandatory to use oil before washing.
  • When you wash your hair after that, you can see that your hair becomes so smooth and silky that you cannot even imagine in your life.
  • To get rid of any problems you face in your hair care daily routine, this is the best remedy to use before washing your hair.

Detangle your hair

  • This is the best strategy to use in one life as this also improves the circulation of the blood, which helps boost hair growth and keep your hair dust-free.
  • You can even use this process at night because it will keep your health dust free as we comb our hair, and then all the dust present in the form of the pollutant gets rid of it.
  • As you comb your hair, all the dust present in between the hair gets out and has a smooth, free texture to your hair.
  • If you have curly hair, it is a must to comb your hair before going to bed as they are the biggest cure to prevent your hair from dust pollutants.

What are the steps which you follow to prevent your hair from chemicals?

Well, all the people know about the chemical treatment that will cause many problems to the hairs of the individual. So, therefore, whatever the quality of the hair the people have, you must take care of them by not doing any chemical treatment on it and not giving heat to the hair.

  • If you are straightening the hair with the help of iron or any other heating objects, then it is also counted as the chemical we are using on the hair.
  • So make sure that you will never provide heat to your hair because it causes dullness to the hair and breakage.
  • If you want your hair chemical-free, then don’t use any heating objects or other objects because if you are using them, it will cause hair damage and prevent spill ends.
  • Using the chemicals in your hair, like the colouring of the hair, will also cause hair damage. So if you are going to save or protect your hair, then stop using the colouring or dyed process because these are the main sources you should adopt in your life to maintain the tendency or volume of your hair.
  • If you have curly hair that is unmanageable to you, don’t look for the treatment or the other process because they look beautiful for a shorter period. But, still, after a couple of months pass, it will come in the same condition you have earlier.
  • So keep in mind that whatever the texture of your hair is not going to shift for permanent straighten the hair.
  • If you want to look beautiful with your natural hair, then make sure that you cannot do anything with your hair and always use homemade remedies like henna and use curd to your hair to smoothen the texture naturally.


To protect your hair from any chemical or dust pollutant, you should try to do home remedies instead of going to the salon because the home remedies are more proven than the salon ones.


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